“…Please leave your message after the tone… BEEP.”

On average, your tele-sales agents may hear that messages up to 65 times each day.

Think about it… if, after each time of hearing that message – up to eight times an hour – each agent leaves a 30-second response, they are each spending up to 11.5 hours a month reciting voicemail responses to that phrase!

Projecting that over a full month of sales calls with 10 agents, that’s almost 115 hours of voicemail messaging time compiled over just one month.

This is time you could recover, if you started using a power dialer!


Time is Money

In the sales industry, well-used time turns into connections with prospects and potential money earned. By using an efficient call management system featuring one-click voicemail, you’ll not only regain the moments wasted dialing each individual number, but also save the 1,380 hours over 12 months (with just those 10 agents!) spent leaving the same voicemail message for multiple leads!

That’s when time becomes a valuable currency.

With the ability to pre-record custom voicemails – and leave them automatically with just a click! – a power dialer increases the productivity of your team. It also helps you improve the messaging of your brand, ensuring a perfectly recorded, consistent voicemail every time.

Using A Power Dialer with One-Click Voicemail

To use the one-click voicemail feature on your Call Logic power dialer, simply record your custom message or upload the pre-recorded file into the system. Title each voicemail with useful reference words, so you can quickly and easily assign the correct voicemail to each prospect based on their unique preview information and most current captured disposition.

When the power dialer triggers a voicemail response, simply click the correct pre-recorded voicemail button and move on to the next dial! The Call Logic power dialer will then get the dreaded “…Beep!” and leave the selected message on your behalf!

No ums or ahs…Call Logic leaves your pre-recorded message while you’re already on to your next call.

Stay fresh and focused on your next customer.

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A Power Dialer Sets You Up for Success

If you get a live answer while using the power dialer, your agents will be able to immediately carry the call forward without any awkward delay that alerts your lead to the telemarketing nature of the call.

The power dialer displays a preview of pertinent information related to each lead, allowing you to personalize and warm the conversation right from the beginning. Custom disposition sets let you automate actions for follow-up or customer preferences for future action.

As calls are made and voicemails are automatically left with just one click, the Call Logic software records which of the voicemail messages were used. With this feature, you’ll be able to track the success/failure rates of callbacks and conversion data from each unique message.

Banish the “Beep”-ing Nightmares

If you’re finding your dreams being invaded by the sound of “…beep!”-ing, or the repetitive sales scripts and call-back messages left from the day before, it’s time to consider incorporating a power dialer into your sales process.

Perfect your messages, make more calls, reduce the time spent leaving voicemails, and automate one of the worst parts of the sales process – leaving voicemails – to happen behind the scenes while you move forward with live prospects!

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