If your business has an outbound call center, then you may have thought about using a predictive dialer to help your employees work more efficiently. Before you spend money on a predictive dialer, you should learn about the benefits and disadvantages. Then, you can decide whether a predictive dialer is the right solution for your call center.

Benefits of Using a Predictive Dialer

Depending on the specific predictive dialer that you buy, you can expect its benefits to include:

  • Faster response times because the dialer can assign calls intelligently to agents
  • Updated databases that give calling agents accurate information about customers
  • Monitoring features that help evaluate employee performance

Companies that think about using predictive dialers usually want to improve their call centers’ efficiency.

An insurance company with an efficient call center can get more leads than a company that doesn’t operate as efficiently. Similarly, a political campaign with an efficient call strategy can usually raise more money than campaigns with less efficient strategies.


Disadvantages of Predictive Dialers

Although predictive dialers come with several benefits, they also have disadvantages. Some of the biggest problems that companies encounter with predictive dialers include:

  • Poor answering machine detection features that end up wasting time
  • Blank calls that leave potential customers hanging on the line when all agents are busy
  • Extra expenses that could cost your business $200 or more per employee per month

These disadvantages suggest that predictive dialers don’t always work as they should. Like any prediction, they’re never 100 percent correct.

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Most Small Companies Don’t Need Predictive Dialers

Some companies can benefit from using predictive dialers. A call center with thousands of employees can operate more efficiently by using predictive dialing technology.

On the other hand, most companies aren’t large enough to adopt predictive dialers. If you own a fitness center with a six-employee call center, then you shouldn’t waste your money on a predictive dialer. It’s unlikely that you will recoup the expense, because you don’t have that much room for improvement.

Even a staffing company with a dozen or more callers probably won’t benefit from a predictive dialer.

Unless you have 50 or more employees constantly placing phone calls, you probably won’t benefit from a predictive dialer. You may, however, benefit from a service like Call Logic that can customize scripts, record custom voicemails, import contacts, monitor employee performance and perform other useful tasks.