The old adage, “Better late than never,” is definitely not a useful phrase when it comes to making prospecting calls to potential buyers.

Instead, it’s virtually always more like, “The early bird gets the worm.”

Don’t believe it?

Consider these statistics from OpenView Labs:

  • The average sales development rep makes 52 calls daily.
  • It takes 18 dials to connect with a single buyer.
  • The first viable vendor to reach a decision maker and set the buying vision has a 74% average close ratio.
  • 50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first.

Still think you can take your time?


Early Prospecting Calls Produce Results

We’ve all experienced the rollercoaster of life that seems to pick up momentum and speed as the clock ticks through the day. By the time the morning has reached noontime, and noon has turned into afternoon or evening, your prospects are realizing how much they have yet to squeeze in before the end of the day. If you haven’t gotten their attention already, you risk your call becoming an easily brushed aside nuisance.

No salesperson worth their salt wants to become that!

The whole purpose of prospecting over the phone, is to convert a “potential prospect” into a “qualified prospect.” So, finding that sweet spot in the day for your prospecting calls is the goal, and typically falls between 9AM and 10AM (in your prospect’s local time zone).

You don’t want to call so early that you bump up against compliance laws or other typical responsibilities for your leads (which you’ve, of course, researched in advance!). But you also don’t want to procrastinate your calls to where you get stuck in the back of the line of things that they have already gotten going in their day.

Remember, the first viable vendor to reach a decision maker and set the buying vision has a 74% average close ratio. You don’t want to miss out!


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Easy Does It…

Once you have initiated the prospecting call with a stellar opener that has their interest piqued, carefully draw on their desire to learn more about the available timeshare opportunity through a strong, nurturing conversation.

This isn’t time for a high-pressure sales tactic. If you’ve talked to your prospect for more than 20 seconds, it’s ceased to be a conversation – talk with them, not at them!

It’s important to ask fact-finding and qualifying questions in the early phase of prospecting. These kinds of discoveries help identify whether prospects are worth pursuing, support informed proposals, and allow opportunity for more accurate proposals.

Even if you are the “early bird,” if you don’t treat your prospects with care and respect, you may still lose the proverbial worm.

Timeshare purchases are typically a high-dollar, luxury purchase. You must cultivate trust and relationship with your customer. It’s helpful for agents to utilize an effective script – especially in the case of cold calls – so that they can provide answers to questions, concerns and objections and remain accurate and consistent.


Support Prospecting Calls with CRM Technology

As you cultivate relationships with prospects, it can become incredibly challenging to keep up with the positive momentum that you’ve started out with.

This is where a CRM comes into play.

Call Logic’s specialized CRM allows you to put together lists, research prospects, and organize your call strategy in such a way that you can focus on connecting and selling. The cloud-based system gives you the freedom to connect from any phone (VoIP, mobile phone, analog/PBX, or soft phone) or computer.

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