One of the most effective ways to improve your sales success rate is to begin recording sales calls. Here’s why (and how) to do it.

The path to sales success begins by recording sales calls. That might be a bold statement, and certainly, there are numerous other factors, but if you want to improve, one of the best ways to do it is to get a detailed look at your calls. 

This isn’t unique to the sales industry. Professional football teams watch replays of their games to find weak points in their strategy. Musicians listen to recordings to determine where a piece could use some help or how something sounds from the audience’s point of view. Looking back at our performance can give us insight that can help move us toward better outcomes. 

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recording sales calls

Recording sales calls: 5 Ways they can help you succeed

Recording sales calls is about more than just what we can do better. It’s also about what we are already doing well. With that in mind, here are some more specific reasons to hit that “record” button. 

1. Get tips from successful agents. One excellent reason for recording sales calls is so you can listen to some of the most successful agents on your team. What are they doing? Do they have a way of phrasing things or timing questions that lead to more extended conversations with prospects? They may be especially skilled at working through objections or building relationships with reluctant prospects. When you listen to their calls, you get to experience real-life sales situations that can help everyone else rethink their approach.

2. Hear your own delivery. Customers and prospects are more likely to connect with a salesperson who sounds calm and approachable. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to know how you sound to a customer without recording and listening back to your calls. Listen to the tone and speed of your conversation. Do you sound stressed? Anxious? Do you hear a lot of “um” in your pitch? Are you talking too fast? These are all questions you can answer by listening to your recordings. 

3. Compliance. Compliance with the TCPA and TSR is vital to the health of your business. These regulations include rules around some of the information you need to disclose to the people you call. Recording sales calls helps you ensure these disclosures are happening. Furthermore, should you be audited by the FCC or FTC, recorded calls that demonstrate compliance can help show that you are following the regulations. 

4. Improved training. It’s one thing to tell a sales agent where they can improve, but it’s so much more powerful when you can listen to a call with them and point out specific moments where they did well and where they could improve. 

5. Find common stumbling points. If you find that, call after call, there are some particular points where your sales agents seem to be having trouble, which could indicate that you need to update your training or alter your sales script. Don’t ignore these moments, especially if they come up for multiple agents. 

3 Tips for recording calls

1. Inform the customer that you are recording. The laws vary from state to state as to whether you are legally required to tell someone you are recording them. However, it’s the courteous thing to do

2. Use software designed to record calls. For obvious reasons, our preference for recording sales calls is Call Logic. However, you do have other options, especially if you just want to record, as opposed to using a suite of power dialing tools. Whatever you use, be sure you can tie the call to a specific day, time, and sales agent. That will help you use these recordings for training and skill building. 

3. Don’t micromanage. Even with all the reasons there are to record calls, one way to make the instantly less effective is to micromanage each call. Your sales agents need to have some autonomy. And more importantly, if you listen back to these calls together, you might be surprised how much they can point out themselves regarding both areas of success and for improvement. Give them the chance to succeed!

Recording sales calls can give your phone sales a genuine boost if you know why and how to take advantage of the process. And with recording software like Call Logic, you get so much more built into the deal, like email templates, call scripts, notes regarding previous calls, and calendar reminders. 

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