Executive Summary:

The Roberts Allstate Agency employs two LSPs, and 40% of their time is spent on the phone. Outbound calling is a strategy that’s helping their agency get one step closer to achieve their goal of becoming a 5-million-dollar book of business. Call Logic is a dialer software that assists with their outbound calling. Call Logic automates the task of manual dialing their leads, increasing sales opportunities and employee production.

Company Background:

In September 2020, Tiffany Losekamp-Roberts and her husband, Randy, purchased a 2.5-million-dollar book from another Allstate Agent. As co-owners and spouses, Tiffany and Randy make a great team. Tiffany is new to the insurance business with a nursing background and oversees the organization and strategy aspects of the agency. Randy, who has over 30 years of insurance experience, focuses on sales management and other sales-related activities. Based in Dayton, Ohio, the Roberts Allstate Agency continues to be high-performing and has already won awards from Allstate including, Honor Ring and National Conference.

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The Challenges:

5-Million-Dollar Book Within 2 Years

The Roberts Allstate Agency has set out to achieve an ambitious goal of becoming a 5-million-dollar book within two years. To achieve this goal, they’ve adopted outbound calling as part of their strategy. Outbound calling provides the opportunity for the agency to break into new zip codes around the state of Ohio- which is something that can help them gain more traction than say, for example, referral generation. Tiffany explained, “If you’re just doing referrals, you’re probably staying in the same, few zip codes. And, you know, when you want a larger book, my goal is to be at least 5 million in the next two years, that’s not going to happen if I’m staying just within a few zip codes. So, I don’t know how you’re getting fresh business in.” Consistent, new business is needed to achieve their goal which is why efficient practices combined with their strategy are necessary.

Inefficient Dialing Practices

In the Roberts Allstate Agency, 40% of their LSP’s time is spent on the phone and they have an individual sales goal of 3 sales per day. They use Lead Manager, their agency’s CRM, to access thousands of leads that need to be contacted. Many of them are Lead Vantage Leads and Centralized Leads provided by Allstate. For a while, Tiffany’s husband, Randy was making outbound calls but he was only able to make about 100 calls manually each day. This was limiting their sales opportunities- until they discovered a solution.

The Solution:

A Web-Based Dialer Software, Call Logic

The Roberts Allstate Agency implemented Call Logic. Call Logic is a TCPA and Allstate-approved dialer software that increases outbound call production by 2-3 times versus manual dialing. Call Logic integrates directly into Lead Manager so that Tiffany’s team can access contacts and create dialing campaigns with ease.

The Benefits

300 Calls in Only 2 Hours. A 300% Increase  

After implementing Call Logic, their outbound call production skyrocketed. Instead of making 100 calls per day, each LSP is making 300 calls in only 2 hours. That’s at least 600 calls per day in just 4 hours between two LSPs- a major increase in opportunities from when Randy was making just 100 calls per day dialing manually. By increasing their sales opportunities with Call Logic, it’s easier than ever to achieve their individual goal of 3 sales per day. They have closed sales from calling their Lead Vantage Leads and continue to work through calling old internet leads and their Centralized Leads.

“I honestly don’t know how people are doing any large volume calls without something like Call Logic. I don’t know how you could do it because you physically couldn’t dial 300 numbers that quick.”

Tiffany Losekamp-Roberts, Co-Owner, Roberts Allstate Agency

Increased Employee Productivity

Call Logic is also helping their LSPs increase production. They use headphones and work on other tasks while Call Logic dials for them. By calling hands-free, they spend time working on manual tasks like writing thank-you notes while they wait for a connection. Tiffany explained this benefit, “I just got these nice headphones and they just sit and let the calls go through. And then they do other things. They’ll write their thank you notes, or they do whatever the low [priority] stuff that needs to be checked off their list while they let the calls go.”

Employee Accountability

Since the Roberts Allstate Agency has the individual goal of 3 sales per day, their LSPs can be held accountable. If goals are not met, the first place they look is at are the Call Logic reports inside their Lead Manager account. Tiffany adds, “If they don’t make three sales, we look for, you know, seven quotes, if they didn’t do seven quotes, we look to see if they did the 300 calls, and if they didn’t do the 300 calls, then we’re asking them like why they didn’t do it”. Through accountability measures, their staff knows what’s expected of them and they can meet or exceed expectations.

As the Roberts Allstate Agency continues to grow, they plan on using Call Logic and other strategies like forming partnerships as they move closer toward achieving their goal.

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