You’ve done it – you’ve found the right people for your sales team. There are definitely some challenges when hiring new people, especially for a job that has specific goals and strategies, like sales. You look around the room and maybe you see some wide eyes or some confused looks, but you also see excitement and hope – the things that make a job worth taking. You’ve put in the work to find these people, so what happens now? How do you, as a sales manager, show them what it means to take their job seriously and what will you do to help them stay motivated? Consider these sales motivation tools!

Sales is Not for the Faint of Heart

If you’re managing a sales team or teams, you already know that sales is not an easy job for most people. It can be intimidating – people have to step out of their comfort zone for success. It can also be discouraging, receiving far more rejections than new accounts, especially when you’re just starting out. So because you’ve been in the trenches already, you know what these new hires may experience. And as a manager, it’s your job to handle them with care, not just get them to do their job. It’s easy to forget how hard things were when you started in this industry, so if you can remind yourself of that, it will help you have compassion and grace for these new hires, which will cause them to trust you even more thoroughly. That is the type of foundation you want to build upon.


Trust Leads to Motivation

Once your team trusts that you have their best interests at heart, they will come to work ready to do their job. But because they’re new, they can get burnt out really quickly. It’s your job to help sustain them until they get into a groove, and they can start to visualize the long game of sales. You know better than almost anyone what needs to get done, so try these X tips to help keep your new hires motivated:

Track their progress

You don’t want to take on the role of big brother, but you do need to track progress so that you know what needs to be improved. Setting weekly goals is a great way to push your new hires towards achievement – if they see that their work is paying off by meeting small goals, they will want to work harder to achieve even greater goals. You can provide incentives for making their goals, like getting to leave early or take a long lunch. You want them to know that you have realistic expectations about their progress, and that everyone can benefit when the teams works hard.


Give purpose and positivity

When it comes to a job like sales, it can be easy to fall into the day-to-day grind and lose sight of the overall vision for your company, and it studies show that it takes up to 6 months for a new hire to feel like they fit in. Taking the time to provide a sense of purpose to your new hires will help them see how their job makes a difference, and will cause them to gain a better understanding of the long-term goals your company wants to achieve. But purpose is nothing without positivity – if you’re attempting to force the vision of your company down their throats, they will feel even more overwhelmed and could halt productivity for good. No one wants a false sense of positivity – this isn’t about positive thinking and motivational posters around the office. You have to be real with your people, but it’s your job to put a positive spin on it as well. You need to show enthusiasm when they don’t, and offer encouragement when they’re down.

Be transparent

When you’re in the midst of the hiring process, both sides are trying to present themselves in the best possible light. But that light fades once the real work starts, and it can be disheartening to a new employee to think that their job is not everything they hoped for. Be honest – let them know where your company stands, and what difficulties they may experience. They need to have a balanced view of their job, or there will be a lot of unrealistic expectations left unfulfilled. Have an open-door policy – give every employee the opportunity to ask questions, offer ideas and bring grievances. Having clear lines of communication and transparency will help your staff to feel like they’re a real part of the team.


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Get to know individuals

This can be hard, especially if you’re overseeing a lot of employees, but getting to know the newer hires can help you know what types of motivation they need. By getting to know them personally, you can understand their strengths and weaknesses, and how they may fit best in your team. You all have a job to do, but you may find that one of them is really effective with cold calls, or really good with face-to-face interactions, or even which individuals would be good for roles higher up. If you lump them all into one group, you may never know how they can truly benefit your team. If you can carve out time to meet with individuals on a regular basis, you show your commitment to them as people, not just as employees. This is extremely important, especially for the millennial generation – they want to know that they’re a part of something, that they’re not just a number or a face. You can maintain a professional relationship while allowing for personal interaction.

Train, train and train some more

If you’ve been in the business for a long period of time, everything you do comes as second nature. But that’s not the case for these new hires – more than likely, all of this is brand new to them. They need to know up front what your expectations are, how to use the technology and equipment provided to them and how to improve their performance without killing themselves in the process. If the majority of your sales business is done via cold calls, give them specific tips and tricks for keeping up their numbers or the best ways to use the phone system. If your main business is done face to face, help them with personal interaction, what to do when meeting someone for the first time, how to present themselves well. If they’re reaching out to specific customers, let them know any personal stories you have with that client or which products work best for their business. Feeling like you’re not ‘in the know’ is one of the hardest feelings to combat with new people, so training in these areas is not a one-time thing – your new hires need to continually learn from you, especially as elements of your job change or evolve.

Deploy the Sales Motivation Tools

You couldn’t do your job without your staff, so taking the time to really develop them, especially the new hires, is imperative to long-term success. Help your team stay motivated and encouraged with these tried and true sales motivation tools. If your business depends on any kind of outbound calling system, and you’re looking to provide the best tools for your employees, contact us at Call Logic. We can schedule a live demo so you can see exactly what our technology can do for you!  


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