Find out how email templates for insurance agents can help you meet more clients and sell more policies.

Email templates are lovely. You don’t have to fret over what to write. You don’t need to spend time thinking about what goes into the email. Fill in the blanks and send it. You’re done. That’s one reason email templates for insurance agents are so popular. They save you time, and they get results. 

That’s assuming you’ve got a suitable template, though. Ever get an email riddled with mistakes, seemingly unfinished, or sent by accident? It does happen, of course. We all make mistakes. But when your business relies on those emails, you want to use them to showcase your best self. Give your prospects and clients the impression that you’re paying attention to the details, that you care about quality, or at the very least, that you know how spellcheck works. 

All that starts with your email templates. For insurance agents, it’s ideal to have several templates in your toolbox. What kind of products you sell and who your customer base is will determine what templates you’ll need, but as an example, you could have templates for new life insurance policies, policy renewals, and referrals. 

So where do you begin? The very beginning is a very good place to start. 

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email templates for insurance agents

The in’s and out’s of email templates for insurance agents

One common problem with email templates is that people forget to fill in the blanks. “Dear (Customer’s name),” it might read. “Here is the information you requested about a (type of policy).” Those fill-in-the-blanks sections are easy to overlook when you’re in a hurry. You, however, aren’t going to make that mistake. Why? Because when you make a simple change, like altering the color of the blanks, they stand out and are much harder to miss. “Dear (Client)” draws the eye, so you know exactly where you need to make changes. 

And you’re going to run spellcheck. To make it easier, you can create your templates and run them through Grammarly (a free automated grammar checker) to tidy it up, make it concise, and get suggestions on style. But on to the reason you are here: email templates. 

1. Email templates for insurance agents sending cold call follow-ups

You’ve made your cold call, got a positive response, and now you’re sending an email to follow up. First things first: send this right away. The longer you wait to send your follow up email, the more your prospect loses interest. That email might look something like this:

Dear Client,

Thank you for your time speaking with me today. I know shopping for insurance can be challenging, and there’s a lot of information to process. I’m attaching a list of questions to ask any insurance agent before you purchase a policy. Many of our customers have found it helpful in deciding which insurance agency to work with.  

Your online quote will be ready in about an hour. You can follow the link below to review the quote at your convenience. 

I will call you on Thursday morning to follow up. In the meantime, you can reach me at 888-123-4567 with any questions. 

Your personalized insurance quote is here: www.abcinsurance.com/quote/benfranklin


Jessica Smith

ABC Insurance Agency

And, of course, don’t forget to attach that list of questions!

2. Email templates for insurance agents reaching out to a referral

When you get a referral, you may find that an email works wonders if you can’t seem to get through on a call. That email might look like this:

Dear Client,

I am contacting you because our mutual acquaintance, (Name), said you are opening a new business and might be looking for business insurance. ABC Insurance has worked with several local companies similar to yours and has been able to offer them great rates. 

I would be happy to meet and walk through the details of business insurance with you—no obligation on your part. I’ll even buy the coffee. 


Jessica Smith

ABC Insurance Agency


3. Email templates for insurance agents sending a thank you note

Whether you close a deal (or follow up after that coffee) always send a thank you note. Even if the prospect decides not to do business with you, this type of email will help them remember you as pleasant and helpful next time they’re looking for insurance:

Dear Client,

It was a pleasure to chat with you earlier today about your new business. I am attaching a fact sheet for you to refer to as you get more insurance quotes for your business. Whether or not you choose ABC Insurance for your needs, I look forward to having you join us in the business community. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 


Jessica Smith

ABC Insurance Agency


Making your email templates successful

As you create your own templates, look back over these. There are a few things each one has in common. For instance, they are all short. You can’t expect someone to read through a long email at this point in the business relationship. 

They also include value. In the first example, there is the quote, but more importantly, there is a list of questions to ask insurance agents that other customers have found useful. Similarly, the third example includes a fact sheet about business insurance. And if you word those questions, answers, and facts correctly, that’s an additional soft sell.

In the second example, you’re offering your time and expertise—not to mention, free coffee! Insurance can be confusing. Taking time to help someone understand this information is no small gift.  

It’s also essential to use a catchy subject line for your email. Getting your email opened can sometimes be the toughest part. Just as an example, you might use something like:

4 out of 5 business owners pay too much for insurance


Free coffee?

Take these email templates and make them yours. Test the content, test the subject lines, and start building better relationships and closing more deals. 

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