Your auto-dialing software is the centerpiece of your sales business. But if you’re overdue for an upgrade, it could be holding you back.

Upgrades are an interesting thing. Some are nice (getting upgraded to first class on your six-hour flight, for example). Some are necessary (upgrading to overnight delivery because you forgot to order someone’s birthday present in time). When it comes to auto-dialing software, however, an upgrade could mean the difference between losing revenue and having the best year ever. 

How is that even possible? After all, it’s just dialing numbers for you, right? You’re still the one doing the work. 

It’s certainly true that sales calls take a personal touch, but if your auto-dialing software is just there to dial numbers, you’re missing out on some major benefits. Here are ten more signs that your auto-dialing software is due for an upgrade. 

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If you recognize your auto-dialing software in this list, it’s time for an upgrade

Before we get too far along, we’re assuming here that you have auto-dialing software and not hardware. If you’re using physical hardware to make your sales calls, it is definitely time for a new system. That said, there are some big differences in what you get with a given dialing system.

1. Your software isn’t cloud-based. Cloud-based software allows you to work anytime, from anywhere. That’s always been important, but it’s essential in an era of work-from-home and remote offices. Not just that, but your business information is potentially less secure with downloaded software. If someone steals your computer, they could have access to all your client information. 

2. You’re using a predictive dialer. A predictive dialer calls multiple numbers at the same time, based on algorithms that “predict” only one call out of several will get answered. So it may dial six or eight numbers at once. The problem, of course, is that even if the average is that only one of those will get answered, it’s entirely possible that two or three or even all of them may get answered. So now you talk to one person while the others get a prerecorded message. That’s not exactly ideal when it comes to customer service and building relationships. A much better option would be dialing software that is built with the express purpose of helping you connect with customers in a meaningful way.

3. Your auto-dialing software is not TCPA compliant. Compliance is a big deal. Failure to comply with regulations can result in massive fines. One way to keep your business safe is to use a dialer that is TCPA compliant. (Incidentally, Call Logic is one of the only TCPA compliant dialers on the market.)

4. Your auto-dialing software does not offer real-time scrubbing. This takes TCPA compliance one step further and searches national and state Do Not Call lists in the microseconds before each call. This continuous scrubbing ensures you don’t call numbers on the DNC list and face the potential of significant fines. 

5. You don’t have voicemail drop. Voicemail drop allows you to move on from an unanswered call without waiting to leave a message. Simply activate your prerecorded message and move on; the software will leave the message for you. 

6. You don’t have integrated emailing capabilities. If you make sales calls regularly, you know how often people ask you to email information to them. When you have built-in emailing features, you can create a template and fill in the specific information while you’re still on the call with your contact. 

7. You have to look for contact information. Does your dialer give you a pop-up screen with details on the person you’re calling? Do you know where you left things with them without having to sort through folders on your desktop? 

8. You experience the “telemarketing delay.” The contact picks up, says hello, and then… nothing. A few seconds later, a confused conversation begins. That delay is a telltale sign of a marketing call, and your contact knows it. You’ve lost the opportunity to start this relationship on even ground. Not to brag (much) but with Call Logic, there is no downtime. When your contact picks up, you start the conversation. 

9. Your sales reps are getting frustrated. If your auto-dialing software is clunky and inefficient, your sales reps will need to work harder for minimal results. You don’t want frustrated sales reps who spend half of their time doing work that could easily be automated. Help them do what they do best by upgrading to a dialing system that streamlines their processes and accelerates success. 

10. You don’t have the data you need. Sales is about data. It’s about tracking campaigns and improving scripts. It’s about following through on follow-up calls and working efficiently. It’s the data that tells you how all of this is working together. If your auto-dialing software doesn’t give you that information, it’s absolutely time for an upgrade. 

Using the wrong auto-dialing software is like using a Volkswagen Beetle to move a queen-sized mattress. You could do it if you had to, but wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if you had a pick-up truck? 

Beyond the benefits to you and your team, though, upgraded dialing software also improves your customer service. Calendar reminders ensure that you will call clients back when you say you will. The already-mentioned email templates help you share information with your contacts more quickly and accurately. Direct transferring helps your contacts speak to the person most able to help them. 

Plus features like whisper coaching and call recording help with training your team, so they can be better customer service representatives and do more for each customer and client they speak with. 

Isn’t it time you upgraded your auto-dialing software?

Stay in compliance with software that knows the rules. Use TCPA-compliant software like Call Logic so you can stop worrying and start focusing on your business. Schedule a free demo right now to find out how our system helps keep you out of trouble.