Despite a surge in popularity over the years, not everyone is sold on solar. Get more people on board with these solar sales tips.

Once seen as little more than an expensive novelty, solar energy has become increasingly appealing to consumers and businesses as technology has advanced and prices have dropped. Still, some people remain skeptical. They might think it’s still too expensive, or they don’t like the way they look. Whatever the case, following a few solar sales tips can go a long way in convincing the skeptics, leading to more closed deals for you and your team.

If the sun’s energy is what you’re selling, use these solar sales tips to build a bigger customer base.

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solar sales tips

Solar sales tips that work even on cloudy days

1. Become an expert

One of the most significant challenges with solar is that there’s a lot to know about it, and it’s not all easy to learn. Nevertheless, it’s worth the investment of time so you can explain to your customers what it is you have to offer.

2. Keep it simple

At the same time, don’t push too much information on people at once. Break things down in layman’s terms. Deliver information that will help customers make decisions, but don’t overwhelm them, especially with technical jargon. (Unless they ask, in which case, put that expertise to use!) Simplicity is one of the most important solar sales tips we have for you.

3. Pre-qualify leads

Despite its newfound popularity, solar still isn’t for everyone quite yet. Do your due diligence as you would selling any other product and find the people who are most likely to entertain a conversation. If red flags come up, save yourself some time and move on quickly.

4. Lead follow-up

Once you have qualified leads, be sure to follow up! Most sales require at least five follow-up calls, and companies that follow up first enjoy 30-50% more sales than the runners-up. Technology, like our auto-dialer CRM, can help you do this significantly faster than trying to do it manually. This doesn’t apply just to solar sales tips, but to any selling.

5. Start with a narrow focus

When sourcing leads, start with a small geographic area and expand. Research shows that people are more likely to go solar if they live close to other solar customers. Take advantage of that and build your network around it.

6. Promote the price

Many people think of solar as being expensive, but the reality is that solar costs have dropped 70% over the last ten years. Sure, it’s one of the more obvious solar sales tips, but it’s critical for converting those who only remember the cost of the early days.

7. Perform a savings analysis

Piggybacking off of that, be prepared to show a customer how much they specifically might save. Run a savings analysis and deliver hard numbers. This will go a lot further than a generic pitch for cost-savings.

While price is important, it’s not the end-all. What sets you apart from your competitors? Do you have an excellent installation team? Outstanding customer support? Other perks? Sell people on those things just as much as you do the price.

8. Emphasize tax credits

The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a lesser-known benefit, making it one of the best solar sales tips you can use. Although the credit is slowly waning, there is hope it will be renewed before it expires. In the meantime, use it to increase the value of your offering. Many states now also have tax incentives to go solar, so make sure you find out what your state offers to add even more value.

9. Cite sources

Part of demonstrating expertise is being able to cite reliable sources when you provide information to customers. When you do your research, note where your information came from and only use official or scientific sources. That’s not to say you need to explain the background behind every claim you make; rather, be prepared to do so if a customer asks.

10. Build trust

This is another of our solar sales tips that applies to all industries, but establishing trust may be even more critical when you sell solar products. Even with the lower prices, it’s still a significant investment, and people generally won’t give their money over to someone they don’t trust. Be honest, show that you care about their needs, and ask meaningful questions to help you better understand those needs. When you get on your first call, remember that you’re not yet trying to sell a product, but instead, you’re forging a relationship.

11. Use a call script

Call scripts are another thing that may be especially important for the solar industry. Even if you’ve become an expert, there’s a lot of information to remember. Keep yourself on track with scripts that you can tailor to each unique customer. This will ensure that you don’t leave out any vital selling points while also preventing you from overwhelming someone with too much information at once.

12. Pre-recorded voicemails

Auto-dialer CRMs like Call Logic can also help improve your call-back success rate with the pre-recorded voicemail feature. Record your outgoing message on your own time, as many times as you need until it’s as concise yet informative as possible. This not only will save you up to three minutes per call, but it also ensures that you deliver only the information you need to pique someone’s interest so that they’ll call you back.

13. Customizable offering

Everyone’s needs are different. The more customizable your offering is, the more success you’ll have. Always be on the lookout for ways you can tailor your product to each customer.

14. Use testimonials

Do you have satisfied customers? Ask them if they’ll provide a testimonial for your product, then use that to help sway unconvinced leads.

15. Believe in your product and pitch

Finally, it’s imperative that you believe in your pitch and the product you’re selling. Again, while this typically goes for all sales, it’s especially true for solar sales. If a customer senses any uncertainty on your end, it’s unlikely you’ll make a believer of them.

Solar is the way of the future. And now is the time for you and your customers to build those relationships that make solar work.

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