Get More Conversations Per Hour with the Right Auto Dialer Software

Is there any real benefit in attending a business mixer if you simply stand quietly in a corner the whole evening? Sure, a few gregarious individuals may wander up to you purely out of curiosity. But the chances of expanding your networks or influence during your time spent there are otherwise painfully slim. The same can be said of failing to use the right auto dialer software when you need to reach new customers or engage with your existing clientele.

Meet the Standard of Expectations

The better you can meet your prospects’ expectations right from the get-go, the more likely you’ll be to have valuable conversations. So, when looking for the right auto dialer software for your business, you must not only consider when makes you and your call center agents the most comfortable, but also understand what will make the best impression on your audience.

You wouldn’t show up to a black-tie affair in pajamas, just because your old sweatpants are “more comfortable for you.” You must know what your audience expects from you and then rise to meet that level of expectation.

Here are some examples:

Powerful Personalization of Calls

Using a preview dialer in your call center may be one of the most valuable tools you have to ensure each person your agents speak to feels known, important and well-served. A preview dialer displays key information to the agent prior to the call being placed. This allows him or her to get an understanding of who will be on the phone when the call connects. Agents can familiarize themselves with the customers’ history with the company, specific needs/previous questions/disposition, their location, gender, and perhaps most importantly for their call, how to say the customer’s name correctly!

Excellent Expertise

The right auto dialer software should support your efforts to provide the highest level of call personalization. To make the most out of such features, train your agents to take copious amounts of notes during and after calls and teach them how to analyze the data in order to best deliver a customized service. Leverage call routing, integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) software and a variety of other important features that the right auto dialer software provides.

Speedy Solutions

According to a Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership paper, the most important priorities for customers is to be able to personally speak with a skilled agent who can solve their problems quickly. To meet this expectation, your well-trained agents must be empowered with the information they need to solve complex customer issues quickly and effectively. They also must have the ability to quickly get assistance from management when needed. Towards this end, the whisper coaching feature of the right auto dialer software is incredibly valuable.

Without the right auto dialer software for your business, you may be able to connect with a few people who independently wander into your sphere of influence through your website or who are referred to you by an existing client. But your chances of growing your business and increasing your sales vastly improve when you approach the opportunity to connect with purpose and great intentionality.

See how the right auto dialer software can support your efforts and pull you out of the shadows to place you into the center of your desired audiences’ attention where you can shine!

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