Get your numbers up with these tested and proven ways to sell more insurance over the phone. 

Sometimes in our sales life, we hit that sweet spot. Our numbers look good, we have a roster of happy clients and customers, and we have a system that works. In fact, things are running so smoothly that we barely have to pay attention to the details. Then one day, we look up and realize things aren’t as sweet as we thought. We need to sell more insurance policies. And we need to do it in a hurry. 

It’s not that we’ve done anything wrong. But the sales world is competitive, and we can’t relax for too long without other agents coming along with fancy ad campaigns or flashy giveaways. The system we’ve relied upon doesn’t work like it did. It’s time to regroup, reassess, and develop new strategies to sell more insurance policies. 

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7 Ways to sell more insurance to happy customers today

While we’re focusing here on ways to sell more insurance policies over the phone, some of these strategies begin before you ever dial a number. Preparation is the key to success. We’ll get to the phone soon enough, but don’t skim over the prep work. It’s every bit as important as the phone call. 

1. Take a breath. Don’t panic about low numbers. You can’t ignore your numbers, but don’t get into a panic because they aren’t where you want them to be. Slow down and take a breath. Try to look holistically and objectively at what’s going on. Did you change your script? Are you making substantially fewer calls? Do you forget to respond to prospects in a reasonable timeframe? You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it and make different choices going forward.

2. Set up email templates. Even when you’re working to sell more insurance over the phone, policies can be complex, and it’s often helpful for people to read through them. That’s why email templates are useful. All of your basic information is already there. The only thing you need to do is fill in the details and hit send. This speeds up the process and improves your customer service image. 

3. Make it easy to compare. Insurance policies can be highly individualized. Yet, within the many variations of a policy, there are no doubt some common themes. As part of your templates, include your “standard” policies, as it may be helpful for prospects to compare this with the specifics of their policy. 

4. Use social proof. The popularity of websites like Yelp and TravelAdvisor makes it clear that we look to other people for business recommendations (or warnings!). You can use that to your advantage. Gather some of your best referrals and reviews and include them with the email you send to your prospect with their policy quote. 

5. Be extra communicative. We rely a lot on body language in conversations. We might lean forward to express interest, or not our heads in agreement. Unfortunately, we don’t have that in phone conversations. Therefore, it’s especially important to relay your interest and agreement verbally. You don’t have to go overboard. Something as simple as saying an occasional “yes” or “I understand” may be all you need. Just remember that they can’t see you, so your words and tone have to make up the difference. 

6. Follow your best practices for phone sales. Sit up straight, walk around if you can, pay attention to your conversation, smile… you’ve heard most of these. But are you still doing them? Check in with yourself to make sure you’re following the steps that make for positive and productive phone conversations

7. Be specific with next steps. Here’s where many conversations fall short, whether in person or on the phone. If you want to sell more insurance, you need to be crystal clear about the next steps in the process. Is it a follow-up call? Schedule a day and time for that call. Do they need to sign some paperwork? Let them know precisely what will happen. For example, you’ll email them a link to a secure site where they can review and sign documents, or you’ll send them the forms in the mail that they can sign and return. Whatever that next step is, don’t leave anything out, or the process can become confusing for your new customers. 

Your sales situation might be in better shape than you realize. Sometimes it just takes a few small changes to turn things around.

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