Automate Your Processes and Increase Gym Membership Sales

Automation is a hype word these days. From coffee makers that automatically brew coffee to cars that can break on their own, many of our daily tasks have gone from being a manual, time-consuming drain, to automatic processes, leaving you free to do something else with your time. Despite automation being used in almost all industries, there seems to be a lack of forward progress in one arena – fitness centers. Gyms, fitness clubs, workout studios, health clubs – whatever you call it, they’re all stuck handling their marketing in ‘old school’ ways when they could be developing processes and building strategies to automate it all. If you’re a gym owner or manager, and you find yourself in this kind of rut, it’s time to do your research and start automating! There are a few steps you should consider before you start automating:

1. Assess Your Needs and Create a Strategy

Automation can’t happen without the right tools in place, and you can’t select the right tools until you know what your specific needs are. Ask yourself:

  • Do you need to increase sales?
  • Do you need a better way to communicate with your current clients?
  • How does your scheduling work?
  • Do you have to make cold calls?

All these details must be taken into consideration before you can move to the next step. You need to decide what’s worth your time and money, and what isn’t. If you’re unsure of what to do or where to turn, talk to some other gym owners in your area. They may have some good recommendations or words of wisdom for you.

2. Choose the Right Software

Now that you know what you want to do, you’ll need to find the best software for the job. Finding a quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can be trying. Don’t give up! Be sure to look for a program that can either replace or integrate with your current management system so you can centralize as much of the data you collect on prospects and members as possible. Then you can use this data to trigger messaging that will help move your potential leads down your sales pipeline to become members and paying clients.

3. It’s Still About the Content

As far as marketing goes, while automation can help you stay on top of everything, content is still king. Automation helps get information into the hands of potential and current customers, so the content needs to be good: educational, entertaining, and valuable to the audience, so it resonates with them and moves them through your sales ‘funnel’, or process. The content can come from you, in-house sources, or outsourced content providers. Your choice depends on how much time and money you have. Make sure your content is solid, or all your automation will do is send the wrong message to your contacts. Now that you have your plan, your software, and your content, consider taking baby steps. Even if you don’t have time initially to take advantage of all the power of the automation options, try starting with automating your email or lead nurturing campaigns – those two areas alone can yield game-changing results, and things can grow from there. Here are some small steps you can take that will help kickstart your marketing and sales by using automation:

  • Send targeted emails to prospects based on their interactions with your gym, not generic blasts that will annoy them
  • Blog regularly and use automation to let people know it exists by setting up an email subscription form on your website. You can let members and prospects know that you have some valuable fitness, wellness, and health information for them
  • Create automated messages to follow-up with prospects who have toured the gym. Not every person becomes a member, but they’re still a sales opportunity. The key is having contact with them as soon as possible to keep your facility at the forefront of their minds • If you have a sales team, set up tasks for them so that your hard-earned leads don’t slip through the cracks. You can take that a step farther and use automation to revive lost sales by creating and implementing a cold call campaign. This type of campaign is designed to re-engage prospects who have been unresponsive or maybe even joined a competitor’s gym. Best of all, automation allows you to set it and forget it, leaving your sales team time to work on more current leads

Take Your Gym to the Next Level

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