Turn a “no” into an enthusiastic “yes” with these timeshare sales techniques guaranteed to get prospects listening—and buying.

Timeshares are unique in the world of sales. Part real estate and part experience, a timeshare can be a lucrative product for a creative, hard-working salesperson. This is especially true in today’s sharing economy, where the concept of both individual and cooperative benefits transfer seamlessly to successful timeshare sales techniques.

How do timeshare sales fit into this new model? Like with car-sharing services, where you buy time to use a car rather than an entire car, the buyer spends much less than they would purchasing a second home. However, a timeshare is also an investment, so unlike a car-sharing service, the buyer can sell their share later.

Let’s face facts, though. Timeshare sales techniques of old have given the field a bad reputation, leaving you in a position to overcome objections from potential buyers. However, the right approach can help you assure reticent prospects that you’re offering what they want.

timeshare sales techniques

7 Timeshare sales techniques that work

1. Research your audience

All good salespeople get some background on their target audiences, but timeshare salespeople need to delve even further. It’s not enough to know a person likes to go on vacation. (Who doesn’t like to go on vacation?) You’ll want to know some of the places they’ve been, how much they’ve spent, and what kind of activities they like to engage in. This can be difficult when you first identify someone as a prospect. If you’re unable to compile the information before the call, start with questions and listen closely to the answers. Somewhere in there, you’ll find their selling point.

2. Be upfront

No one likes to feel manipulated. If part of the timeshare pitch includes a ninety-minute presentation, make sure the presentation is only ninety minutes. Timeshare sales techniques that resort to bait and switch are almost guaranteed to fail. Whether it’s making good on the freebies you’ve promised or sticking to time commitments, the more honest you are, the better chance you’ll have of garnering interest.

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3. No pressure

The “classic” hard sell isn’t one of the timeshare sales techniques that works anymore. This doesn’t mean you should give up after the first no, but don’t pressure prospects into buying. When someone says they’re not interested, find out why, then be ready to respond to that reason. As a timeshare salesperson, you already know common objections. Prepare answers for them and be ready when the prospect declines your offer.

4. Keep calm and sell on

If you sense you’re losing your prospect, or if they stonewall you from the beginning, don’t panic. Forget about the close. Right now, it’s not about that. When you call someone about a timeshare, your goal is to get them interested enough to try it out. The close comes later. Yes, you need interested prospects to close, but if you think about the first objective (interest), it makes the sales process much less daunting.

5. Create a fear of missing out

Make your offer scarce or limited. “I can only give you this price if you buy today.” While this borders on being pushy, it also creates a sense of urgency. No one wants to miss out on a good deal, and if this is the only time it’s available, a prospect might be more open to the idea of buying. Remember that this isn’t a tactic to open with. This is for when you’re getting to the end, and your stubborn prospect still refuses to budge.

6. Leave the door open

If a prospect doesn’t want to buy, don’t write them off completely. Compile all the objections they give in their client profile (which you can do with our call management system), think about the objections, and find ways around them. When you’ve come up with solutions to the prospects’ problems, you’re ready to try them again.

7. Follow up

Except in cases where a prospect seems angry or annoyed, follow up with prospects. Maybe in a month or two, their needs will change. Or, perhaps you’ll have a better offer you can pitch to them. Maybe they’ll be in a better mood to buy.

Thanks to automated dialing technology, following up is easier than it’s ever been, yet still one of the most overlooked timeshare sales techniques. Take advantage of the software that’s available to keep track of your prospects and get in touch with more of them in less time than it would take to go through your prospect lists and dial manually.

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