Don’t let these recruiting challenges break your stride. Find out how to move past them without a pause.

Recruiting can be fun. After all, what’s better than reaching out to someone to offer them a job? Recruiting is also a lot of work and requires serious organization and people skills. Even beyond this, however, some recruiting challenges can completely derail your success. 

Whether you’re in the HR department of a company or you work for an agency, these recruiting challenges come up. That’s a given, and though they may be tough, they don’t need to spell defeat. 

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recruiting challenges

The 6 recruiting challenges you can conquer today

1. No recruiting strategy. If you want to overcome your recruiting challenges, you have to develop a recruiting strategy. Yes, it’s great to pick up the phone and call people. In fact, recruiting calls should absolutely be a part of your strategy. But you need more. Are you calling the right people? Do you have a robust email follow-up template? Is there a social media campaign coordinated with each recruiting drive? 

2. Not enough information. As a recruiter, there is some basic information beyond the job description that you need to know. For example, it’s helpful to applicants if you let them know things like the preferred start date, the name of the hiring manager, specific benefits, pay range, and what the recruiting and hiring process looks like. Additionally, be prepared to answer questions about how large or small the team is and how they work together; working conditions (long days? weekends?); whether the job is onsite, remote, or hybrid; and what the company culture is like.

3. Poor company ratings. This might be one of the most significant recruiting challenges you’ll face. Sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn make it easy for candidates to find out what it’s like to work at almost any company. Of course, that’s easy if the company has excellent ratings, but what happens when you have to explain poor ratings? There’s no simple answer to this, but you may be able to point to recent management changes, a large number of long-term employees, or new benefits policies. In any case, be prepared to respond to this. 

4. Keeping in contact. Part of those Glassdoor ratings comes from the interview process. That means it’s essential to stay in contact with candidates that you interview. However, that can also feel overwhelming when you have a pile of candidate resumes. One solution is to set aside time each week to call candidates you’ve already interviewed. Let them know where the process stands or if they are ( or are not ) moving forward. Incidentally, dialing software like Call Logic makes this simple with a built-in calendar and call notes for your candidates. 

5. Moving too slowly. A desirable candidate may have multiple options, and if you take too long, you’ll miss out on hiring them. This is a recruiting challenge that may be partially out of your control, since there’s a good chance the candidate will still need to interview with a hiring manager. That said, there are steps you can take to minimize the time between your first contact and a decision. First, be clear about the timeline. Whether the process will take two days or two weeks, let your candidate know this. Secondly, coordinate with the hiring manager to keep interview and decision timelines to a minimum. 

6. Bias. There are numerous reasons that bias might impact our decisions, and often it’s not even something we are aware of. Anything from the other person’s energy to our own state of mind on a given day can color our opinions. One way around this is to develop an objective rubric that helps minimize room for bias. This might cover things like years of experience, familiarity with certain software, experience as a team leader, and so on. Additionally, do the work needed to ensure that your job listing uses unbiased language. 

While it would be nice to avoid them completely, there are some recruiting challenges that simply come with the territory. Even so, there are plenty of steps you can take to keep them to a minimum. And if they do come up, good organization and a solid recruiting strategy will help you through. 

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