Email can make or break your business. But the worst email mistakes are sure to turn customers away faster than you can say “gone”.

What would you think if you opened up an email that looked like this:

Dear Director of the company,

Our products can solve you’re issues  nomatter what they are.. Call me right now to get your special offer on our product. or you will miss out on the savings on our product. 

You aren’t going to call. That email is going into the trash as fast as you can get it there. Why? Several of the worst email mistakes possible show up in these few lines. And even though this is an extreme example, just one of these mistakes is enough to for an email to go ignored.

Whether you’re sending a follow-up message or emailing someone for the first time, you want to make a good impression, starting with the very first word of your subject line. And it doesn’t stop there. If you want your emails to be effective, you have to avoid all ten of the worst email mistakes that can drag down your business.

That’s right. Making mistakes in your emails can cost you business. If you get someone’s name wrong or misspell a word, you’re communicating a brand image that says, “I’m not interested in the details.” While it’s hard to find statistics that tell just how much is at stake, it’s safe to bet that these mistakes can easily lead to a big revenue loss for any business.

Think about it like this: If you received a sales email that has someone else’s name on it, or a generic greeting like the example above, are you even going to read the email? Probably not. You may not even open it if the wrong name is in the subject line. And an unopened email translates to lost business in the sales world.

Fortunately, the worst email mistakes are avoidable with a little care, attention, and of course, the right software.

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worst email mistakes

These are the worst email mistakes you can make

1. Misspellings

The writing software company Grammarly wanted to find out how frequently the worst emails mistakes happened. They said that misspelling was “by far” the most common mistake. In an era where most web browsers and email services have spell check, there’s no excuse for misspelled words in a sales email. If your browser doesn’t support spell check, write your emails with software that does, then transfer the text to the body of your email. And don’t forget to proofread!

2. Getting someone’s name wrong

When you put a customer’s name into an email, double-check your source that you’ve spelled it correctly. You can also use software like Call Logic to input the customer’s name from your contacts, so there’s no chance for error.

3. Failing to personalize

Another of the ten worst email mistakes is forgetting to personalize the email. It may be tempting to send a generic email to your whole contacts list, but that not only means you aren’t personalizing the experience, but you also may be reaching out to the wrong audience. Use software that can personalize emails for you, or, if you’re not sending too many, personalize them manually.

4. Failing to respond

Perhaps the most costly email mistake is not responding to someone who’s reached out to you. If a client gets in touch, it means they need something that you might have. Neglecting that outreach essentially tells the customer they don’t matter to you. If you can’t answer the email right now, set a reminder to do it later, or use software like Call Logic to automate email replies.

5. Using vague words

Telling a client that your product or service is “great” or “good” or “excellent” doesn’t say much about your product or service. Catch a client’s attention with more descriptive words. Demonstrate what makes your offering so “great” by describing it in more detail. It might be “great” but if your clients, on average, increase sales by 12% with your product, that’s even better.

6. Over-describing

On the flip side, saying too much is also one of the worst email mistakes you can make. The line between too much and too little isn’t thin, so make sure that you’re on the right side of it. If you’re not sure, read it to a colleague or friend first and ask them whether or not you’re overdoing it.

7. Redundancy

Repeating the same word in an email is clunky and annoying. It shows the reader a lack of imagination or worse, a lack of effort in your emails. Remember, this email represents you and your brand. Do you use the same words all the time when you’re talking or just in emails? Probably not. Again, here’s where a solid proofread of your email will come in handy. (See what we did there?)

8. Getting sent to the spam file

You can’t help this, can you? You can, actually. Ask your recipients to whitelist your email address, and make it a point to avoid words that trigger spam filters in your subject line.

9. Grammatical errors

Don’t type “your” when you meant “you’re,” or “their” when you meant “there.” This happens all the time, but it can cost a sale because it makes you look careless. Many times, it happens by mistake; we type too fast, and the words in our heads come out differently on paper. Two solutions: Take your time, and—you guessed it—proofread!

10. Neglecting a call-to-action

Finally, don’t forget to include a call-to-action. What do you want the customer to do? Are you looking to close a sale, or get a call-back? Perhaps you want to set a meeting? State clearly and concisely what it is you’re asking for, and do it before you reach the end of the email.

The goods news is that the worst email mistakes are easy to avoid. All you need to do is pay attention and use quality software like Call Logic. Take your time crafting emails and proofread them to make sure they communicate the message that accurately represents your brand.

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