True or False: Do you find yourself regularly wishing for a tool guaranteed to increase the efficiency (and thus, the effectiveness!) of your B2B marketing call center? True? If so, you should think of using a power dialer. Some may try to say that cold calling is dead, but when B2B marketing is done right with an effective power dialer, your marketing is done as efficiently as possible! Sales reps work their way through their B2B prospecting lists faster, with fewer mistakes, and with improved customer service.

An Automated Power Tool of the B2B Marketing Trade

Using a power dialer, your call center reps (or inside sales team) can import your leads lists, ensure their compliance with DNC requirements, and connect with each contact with the click of a single button. Automated one-click calling completely eliminates the time representatives waste by manually gathering prospect information, looking up each contact’s number, and inputting each individual digit. When you project those 20 extra seconds over thousands of dial-outs and hundreds of sales reps each month… you accumulate significant time savings! You’ll discover that your sales reps are able to spend more time selling and can waste less time trying to keep up with records.

Accomplish B2B Marketing with Less Frustration

Not only does a power dialer reduce the amount of time spent dialing out, but it also reduces the number of mistakes and misdials that your agents make in dialing. Those mistakes are frustrating and can be costly! However, with a single click, a power dialer automatically pulls the prospects’ phone numbers from their profiles and dials them accurately – every time. That profile contains more than just a phone number, though. It also includes recordings of calls made to that prospect, their dispositions, specific areas of interest, pain points, and agents’ detailed notes that create more personalized and memorable customer connections and service. With this information, follow-up calls are easier, targeted, and much more efficient. Using a power dialer for your B2B marketing efforts also allows you to reduce the frustration of being ignored because of your unrecognized number popping up on your prospects’ caller ID. Using a power dialer like Call Logic provides you the convenience of using any valid number in the same area code or vicinity as your prospects without having to use a third-party application. A local number gives you more credibility and offers your prospects a certain level of comfort and an expectation of accountability.

B2B Marketing Requires Quality Customer Care

While you may be able to gain that foot in the door with the assumed perception of being centrally located, that won’t buy you much time. You will have to work to maintain trust and business. Throughout your relationship, your customers will need to experience consistently positive and affirming interactions with your team. One of the most powerful ways for you to ensure the quality of your B2B marketing team is to analyze what your highest performers are doing and to use that knowledge to train the rest of your team members. Those effective B2B marketing strategies can be reinforced with team members through whisper coaching until they become comfortable independently incorporating the appropriate responses and offers into their conversations. A power dialer can also support your efforts in this arena by recording incoming and outgoing calls and intuitively storing them for future reference and review. Additionally, using a calling platform that is integrated with your CRM ensures that your sales reps have access to lead intelligence that they can easily refer to in their interactions with prospects such as:

  • Past interactions (i.e. where they fall in the sales funnel, specific concerns, last known disposition, etc.)
  • Demographic information on the lead
  • Demographic information on their company
  • Previous sales made (i.e. what’s their next logical purchase, etc.)

Don’t Believe It? Measure it For Yourself!

B2B marketing can only be successful when you have a firm grasp on the full circle process – from lead management to initial contact; prospect cultivation to the sale; and ongoing customer nurturing and continued sales! As if reducing time wasted, improving the perception of your business, and increasing the quality of your agent training wasn’t enough, another of the (many!) valuable functions of a power dialer in B2B marketing is the ability to automate the production of essential reports. Imagine having instant access to dashboards that track the performance of individual reps, teams, and campaigns. With this information, you can unearth the nitty-gritty details that reflect areas of strength and weakness in your business. Simply put, your business depends on your B2B marketing effectiveness, and a power dialer immediately increases the value of those efforts. To start your FREE trial of Call Logic or request a LIVE demo of this affordable tool, contact us today!

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