Does your recruiting call script get candidates excited to hear about job opportunities? If not, you might be missing a crucial detail.

At first glance, recruiters don’t have the most difficult cold calls. Who doesn’t want the flattery of being recruited, right? You’re offering a prospect a face-value opportunity: career moves.

But it’s truly not all roses and daisies for recruiters. There is a sharp degree of selling required. And cold calling prospects isn’t as easy as it sounds, even if you’re offering a dream job situation.

So it’s time to polish up that recruiting call script. There are subtle, yet crucial techniques to placing your next golden goose in a client’s position.

recruiting call script

How to improve your recruiting call script in six steps

1. Making it known that you’re a recruiter

If you don’t communicate right away that you’re a recruiter, then your candidate will make a snap judgment. You need the right opener for your cold call.

Introduce yourself, your profession and the reason for your call immediately. Don’t let assumptions pop up in your candidates head. They could ruin a conversation before it starts.

2. Demonstrating your authority in the industry and their skill set

You’ve heard it before: selling is all about confidence. For recruiters, it’s necessary to show that you’re an authority. That means giving social proof, naming credentials, and speaking the language of your candidates.

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You have to make a connection between her skill set and your specialization. Get specific with the details. Make it known that you understand her day-to-day responsibilities. Show that you’ve helped similar candidates move forward in their careers.

3. Building up their confidence and self-image

There’s a subtle art to giving a compliment to someone you’ve just met. It’s a smart way to get that person to like you. But, if you strike a false note, it sounds like you’re “blowing smoke” to get what you want.

Sneak a compliment into your opening statement by implying that your prospect is a top-notch figure in her field.

Your recruiting call script will benefit from a short statement like this: “My client is a little stubborn—he only wants the best talent for this type of work, so I decided to give you a call to discuss.”

That’s more indirect than saying, “Your experience level is top-notch. You have a lot of talent for this type of work.”

4. Giving them a reason to listen right now

Immediacy is a powerful persuasion tactic in sales. If you give the candidate a compelling reason to listen, then you’ve captured her interest.

The problem is that many recruiters don’t include much information about the available position, nor do they “sell it in” with trigger words that prospects want to hear. Or show that the opportunity is new, rare or exciting.

If your recruiting call script uses a generic phrase like, “We have a unique opportunity that matches your experience,” then you’re not doing a good job at selling the position or capturing interest.

Instead, try to customize the job description to each candidate. Add short, but telling details about the company and the open position.

  • Social proof or credentials that demonstrate the company’s qualities and environment
  • Benefits the proposed job offers that your candidate will likely want to hear
  • Letting her know that these positions are rare and get filled quickly

5. Asking low-investment questions that open dialogues

Take the burden off the listener as much as possible upfront. People are busy. They don’t want to listen to your pitch for fifteen minutes in the middle of a workday. But you also must ask for a minimum investment of their time, so you can describe the opportunity and qualify your lead.

Always include a short “low investment question” in your recruiting call script. Something as simple as, “I’d like to describe this job opportunity in more detail for you. It should only five minutes, does that sound good to you?”

6. Showing that you’re also busy, and opportunity knocks once

Scarcity is another persuasion tactic that captures attention. Combine it with a sense that you’re a busy, successful recruiter with other candidates to call, and suddenly you’ve got your listener’s full attention. You’ve conveyed value to her.

Important: you cannot fake it. If you don’t have a lot of candidates to call, then don’t make it seem like you do. And if the job opportunity doesn’t have a lot of demand, don’t try to fabricate a story that says differently. Lies will only dig you a hole.

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