Calling insurance leads is only the first step. You still need to book those follow-up meetings.

For obvious reasons, calling insurance leads is one of the steps we need to take in a successful sales career. We also know it’s common to have several discussions with people before they’re ready to do business. They want to look at your offer, think it over, explore the information you give them… all very reasonable things. 

While that’s all a part of the process, it’s up to us as salespeople to make sure that process doesn’t lose steam. After all, those follow-up meetings aren’t going to schedule themselves. So how are we going to accomplish this?

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Calling insurance leads

Calling insurance leads: 7 ways to ensure those follow-up meetings happen

First things first. Let’s acknowledge that you have a prospect interested in learning more about your insurance products. That’s a victory, and it’s essential to recognize every accomplishment, no matter how small. So give yourself a little fist bump or pat on the back, and let’s talk about ensuring that your success doesn’t end with calling insurance leads. 

1. Explain the sales process. Don’t leave these things to chance. You can’t assume your prospect knows what the next step is. Sure, they asked you to email them some bullet points with the specific numbers you discussed, but they don’t know what that means beyond that. Be clear. “I’ll email these numbers to you and give you a few days to look things over. Then when we talk next time, we can discuss any questions or changes you might want to make.”

2. Ask for a follow-up. While it may seem evident to you in talking about the next steps, you still need to be explicit in asking for that follow-up. For example, “It’s been great talking to you. Can we schedule a follow-up meeting (or call) after you’ve had time to review the policy?”

3. Set a specific date and time. Again, the more you can lay things out, the better chance you’ll have of calling insurance leads without surprising them or catching them at a bad time. They’ll be expecting your call and will be ready with questions or comments about the policy. This is the “next step” in asking for a follow-up, though you can wrap it all into one question. “It’s been great talking to you. Can we schedule a follow-up meeting (or call) after you’ve had time to review the policy? I have Thursday or Friday at 1:30 in the afternoon or Monday at 10 a.m.”

4. Send that email. Whatever information you’ve promised to send to your lead, do it right away. Dialing software like Call Logic has email templates built-in, so you can fill in the specific information and send it out ASAP. But even if you use regular email, get that policy out to them as soon as possible. This may not seem on the surface to impact calling insurance leads and setting up meetings, but it’s all part of your overall customer service and attention to detail. Your follow-up meetings will go much more smoothly if you’ve done the work on your end. 

5. Put the meeting on your calendar. Okay, this might seem obvious, but life happens, and we forget things sometimes. Ideally, you can log the meeting at the same time you schedule it with your prospect, but if for some reason you don’t, it should be the very next thing you do. That will also help with the next tip. 

6. Send an email reminder. Your CRM can send automated meeting reminders to your prospect. All you have to do is put the date in your calendar. Call Logic integrates seamlessly with CRMs like Blitz Sales Software to take care of everything for you. Just because you add it to your calendar doesn’t mean your prospect will. 

7. Be flexible. Work with your prospects as much as you can. They might need to reschedule at the last minute. They might prefer to meet in person or via video chat. Or maybe they’re happy with a phone call. They could need more time or more information. Whatever it is, try your best to work with them. In most cases, loads of questions or rescheduling appointments aren’t anything personal. So go with the flow, and you’ll be more likely to close a deal. 

The truth is, if you’re at the point of booking a follow-up, you’re already on the road to success. Calling insurance leads for the first time is the hard part. If they’re interested enough to talk more, then you know you’re doing your job well. 

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