Keeping it short will help keep you in business. Learn that and more from these sales pitch examples.

Like all sales, selling timeshares requires someone who is interested in buying, even if they don’t know it yet. It’s not enough to cold-call the phonebook and gush about the perks of a particular property, in timeshare sales, it’s all about getting people to the property. So in many ways, you have an advantage over other salespeople because you can offer them a free vacation!

As someone who works in timeshare sales, you know this type of real estate often attracts those who aren’t even in the market for property, but can be convinced by the great benefits and price points that come in under buying a full-time vacation rental.

The sales pitch examples below offer five different approaches you can take to selling timeshares, depending on where you are, and who you’re talking to.

5 Sales pitch examples that work even when your customer wasn’t planning to buy

1. Incentive-based sales pitch examples

One way to spice up a timeshare sales pitch is to use incentives to your advantage. You may already be offering a free night at the property in exchange for their time at your pitch, but if they’re hesitant, try adding in more benefits, like an extra night or a free dinner on the property. This can be huge when you’re still trying to get a prospect to listen to the whole sales pitch to begin with. And while these incentives won’t be enough to close a sale on their own, extra perks are a great way to engage prospects, especially those who weren’t really thinking about buying a timeshare.

Also in the field of incentive-based sales pitches, make sure you focus on the benefits that expand beyond the property. For example, the Marriot Vacation Club allows owners to gain access to more than just their designated property, they can go on guided tours, safaris, and cruises. If a prospect tells you they don’t want to buy in is because they prefer to go new places, hone in on any flexible benefits you have to offer.

sales pitch examples

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2. Video-based sales pitch examples

In today’s technology-driven market, you need to do everything you can to stand out. One of the best ways to do that—especially when selling timeshares—is to include a video in your pitch from the very beginning (unless, of course, you’re starting with a cold call). People love to see the exotic locations a timeshare can offer, and they’ll have something to focus on while you talk, which enhances their engagement.

Like with any sales pitch, steer clear of making the video too long. Everything you do should be focused on achieving the next outcome quickly, leaving no time for a prospect to become bored or disinterested. A 15-30 second clip will usually do the trick.

You can find great examples from Disney’s Vacation Club. Not only do they offer several videos online spanning 1-3 minutes each, but they also send a DVD to anyone who wants one.

sales pitch examples

3. Short and sweet elevator pitches

Speaking of brevity, every salesperson should always have a strong elevator pitch at the ready since you never know when an opportunity to engage a prospect will arise. Practice coming up with a pitch that you can say in a few sentences or less than 30 seconds.

A good elevator speech becomes the foundation for every other part of your pitch, yet it carries enough weight on its own to lead to a sale (in the right circumstances, of course). If you aren’t comfortable with your current elevator pitch, practice a new one. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to have a couple of different pitches ready for different people you may encounter. (Convincing a mother of small children that she needs an affordable vacation is going to be easier than convincing the middle-aged salesman who doesn’t have time for vacations but may want them for business.)

Here’s an example from Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific to give you an idea of what this looks like in action:

4. Casual conversation sales pitches

Great sales pitch examples should sound like conversations more than pitches, but often the practice for this sales pitch focuses less on the pitch and more on how to talk business in a casual setting. There’s nothing like people leaving your tiny table at a cocktail party because you misjudged the mood and interest of friends, colleagues, or strangers. Let them do the talking, because doing so will clue you into their needs, which will help you understand how you can best help them.

Pitching as a conversation is most effective when the prospect doesn’t even really realize they’re being pitched to; they’re naturally engaged and interested in what it is you’re talking about. And people do, after all, love to talk about themselves. Look around and you’ll find these everywhere, particularly when you hear recommendations. And if you still need ideas, just ask your neighbor where to find a good mechanic and you’ll get a casual conversation pitch in action.

5. Transparent sales pitch examples

Some people are a little averse to timeshare pitches because in the past they’ve come across salespeople that were pushy at best and misleading at worst. Those days are over. The best kind of sales pitch to have with today’s consumer is an honest one. Tell customers about associated fees, restrictions, rules, etc. If it’s a timeshare you own, tell them why you bought in. The mere fact that you seem trustworthy will likely cause your prospect to engage with you and ask even more questions. Remember questions are a good thing! They keep the conversation going.

One way that Hilton Grand Vacations does this is through an easy-to-read FAQs page on their website.

sales pitch examples

How to nurture your timeshare leads and make more sales

No matter the pitch you use, nurture your leads beyond the initial conversation. A potent tool for doing so is a call management system like Call Logic, which can help you keep track of your prospects, deliver targeted messages, and set automatic follow-up reminders, so you’re always staying in touch with the people you’ve engaged with your sales pitch. Remember, the pitch is only part of the process. And selling timeshares is a little more nuanced than selling televisions or auto repairs. You may have to spend a little more time with your prospects before they purchase. Just make sure that when you do so, you’re thinking outside the box.

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