Is your sales outreach strategy the best it can be? Or are you missing these important parts of the process?

It’s no surprise that success in sales relies in large part on your sales outreach strategy. And you likely have one that’s working well enough for you. 

You have your list of clients, your hot and warm leads, and your sourcing for qualified cold leads. You’re organized and have your schedule for making calls, follow-up appointments, and check-ins. You even have a script you’ve perfected over time and you have great reviews from your customers. 

But something is missing. As good as your sales outreach strategy is, you still feel like it could be better. What are the next steps? Here are some of the pieces that may be missing from your plan.

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sales outreach strategy

Make sure your sales outreach strategy includes these 5 elements

1. Perfected personas. If your sales outreach strategy is already in fair shape, you most likely have a set of personas. These are the customer profiles that help you personalize your marketing. For example, if you sell life insurance, one of your personas may be parents with young children. Maybe that’s been going well, but now it’s time to hone your personas. Do they need to be more detailed? Perhaps you want to adapt your outreach to get in touch with parents in the service or retail industries where life insurance isn’t a common benefit. Or maybe it’s time to expand your personas. Along with parents of young children, it could be helpful to also reach out to parents with children heading to college, who may be taking on significant debt. In any case, if you haven’t updated your customer personas in a while, now is the time to do it.

2. A personal touch. With so much information online, it’s easy to reach people on a more personal level. Obviously, you don’t want to spend hours of every day looking through LinkedIn, Facebook, or TikTok to find out what your potential clients like or don’t like. You can, however, take 60 seconds to scan through profiles and make your sales outreach strategy much more personal. Alternatively, if you’re working with prospects you’ve already contacted, make sure your follow-up reflects your previous conversations. People want to be more than just a number on your list of closed deals. 

3. Updated templates and scripts. This might seem at odds with making your outreach personal, but not every part of your correspondence needs to be original, and templates can save you a lot of time. That means your follow-up is faster, more accurate, and easy to adjust for specific clients and prospects. 

4. The push to overdeliver. You’ve probably heard about the idea of under-promising and over-delivering. It’s well-known because, quite honestly, it works. Think about the last time you took your car for repairs, and the work was finished more quickly than they estimated. Or consider the last time you went to a restaurant and the wait to get seated was 30 minutes, but they sat you in 10. These are classic examples of over-delivering. So how do you do it? That may depend on your specific industry, however, here are some ideas. 

  • Return calls on schedule, especially if you have an appointment with a client.
  • Along with a plain text email, send a PDF or website link with nice graphics and plenty of information regarding your product or service.
  • Take care in packaging your product. First impressions carry a lot of weight. 

5. The right tools. Of all the things that will help your overall sales outreach strategy, the right tools are essential. Imagine trying to clean your gutters without a ladder or build a bookshelf without a drill. Could you do it? Sure. But it would take a lot more effort and the results might not be as good. The same concept applies to your sales efforts. You need the right tools to get the job done efficiently and correctly. What are those tools? Things like solid email templates, sales training, and tools like Call Logic, with benefits like voicemail drop, so if you reach a voicemail, you can let the software leave your pre-recorded message while you move on to the next call. 

If you’re fumbling along with a sales outreach strategy that’s not quite where it could be, take a look and make sure you aren’t missing these aspects. You may find that incorporating these into your process does wonders for your numbers. 

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