Auto dialer systems get a bad rap. Here’s why they don’t deserve it.

Let’s jump right in here. Auto dialer systems don’t have a good reputation. They’re often associated with robocalls and spam. And they may be only slightly more popular with the general public than a Los Angeles traffic jam. 

The truth is, auto dialer systems are so much more than that when you use their power to spread good in the world. Woah! Big, bold statement there, right? If you recall back to your high school English class, this would be the set up for a persuasive essay. 

A persuasive essay, according to Valencia College, “uses logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another.” It seems like an uphill battle to convince anyone that auto dialer systems can be a loved and necessary tool for a conscientious sales team with a personalized approach. Stick with me here, though, because I agree that the best way to be successful in sales is to be personable and to build relationships with clients. And I believe an auto dialer system is one of the best ways to do that.

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3 Examples of how organizations can use auto dialer systems for good:

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page before we get too far along. Auto dialer systems (at least in the case of Call Logic) aren’t for robocalling or dialing multiple numbers at once in hopes of getting through to someone. These systems are, however, efficient ways to make and track calls, monitor your call analytics, maintain customer relationships, and increase the effectiveness of your outbound sales team. 

While making phone calls in an age of email and text may seem quaint, a good old-fashioned phone call can be a powerful way to connect. Picking up the phone and talking to someone can do wonders for businesses, nonprofits, and community organizations. Here’s the proof. 

1. Increased donations for nonprofits

The Thistle Foundation, an organization in Scotland that provides support for people living with disabilities, conducted a fundraising study to find out if a courtesy call would increase donations. Prior to a funding drive, they called previous donors to thank them and update them on the work the foundation was doing. They found that because of those thank-you calls, donations increased by 41 percent when they conducted their fund drive.

Auto dialer systems can help make these actions easier by keeping a customer database easily accessible. When your staff and volunteers call supporters, your team can quickly see the essential information they need to have a productive and personal conversation.

2. Reduced missed appointments for medical providers

In one recent study, researchers found that when staff made personal calls to patients the day before appointments, there were “significant reductions in the missed appointment rate.” If your staff is calling large numbers of patients every day, that can take a lot of time away from other essential tasks. An auto dialer can streamline the job while still giving you the opportunity for personal interactions. 

And in case you need more convincing, a separate study came to a similar conclusion. So did this studyYou get the point. 

3. Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction

Follow up calls after a hospital or doctor visit are unusual. That doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. One study discovered a litany of potential benefits from calling patients discharged from hospitals. Among those benefits are: 

  • A “cost-effective way to ascertain patient outcomes.”
  • Improved overall health outcomes in specific populations.
  • Improved compliance with medical instructions.
  • Reduced rate of readmittance.

On a more personal note, writing in Emergency Physicians Monthly, Dr. Michael S. Jaffee notes that follow-up calls give him the chance to find out if his patients are okay, or if he needs to refer them for additional medical care. He believes that even though a follow-up call “does not remove the possibility of a bad outcome or the worry of one, […] it significantly reduces both.” 

Of course, we all know how busy and hectic it can get in a hospital emergency department. However, that again makes medical offices ideal candidates for using auto dialer systems. Rather than dialing number after number, medical staff can move quickly through calls, ensuring patients get the care and information they need. 

How auto dialer systems can help your business

It’s not difficult to see how these benefits would translate to the business world, especially in the realm of sales. We are in a global society, and it’s simply impossible to expect that we can always meet our customers and clients in person. That’s true whether you’re prospecting for new business, following up with leads, contacting current clients and customers to update them on new services, or just checking in to make sure everyone is happy

More specifically, here is how you can use these three auto dialer systems benefits in your sales strategy. 

1. Building relationships.

As the Thistle Foundation discovered, building and maintaining relationships with supporters helped them increase donations when the time came for fundraising. For businesses, staying in touch with your customers gives them the sense that you are invested in their wellbeing and satisfaction (which, of course, you are). 

2. Improve closing rates.

For medical care providers, patients keeping appointments is the business version of closing a deal. Reaching out to your prospects keeps the relationship going and growing. 

3. Improve customer satisfaction.

Actual studies and personal observations indicate that follow up is a vital and cost-effective method for maintaining customer satisfaction. It also allows you to check in with customers to find out what questions or concerns they may have. When you can address those issues right away, you create happy customers and lifelong revenue. 

Auto dialer systems help you do all of this more quickly, more efficiently, and with the personal touch that your sales strategy necessitates. 

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