Make sure your next outbound sales call hits the mark. Here are five ways to ensure your efforts are a success.

Every outbound sales call, whether a cold call or a follow-up with a steady customer, can end one of two ways. You’re headed toward a deal either now or sometime in the future, or you’re done. Even if it’s not immediate, every call leads in one of those two directions. That’s not to say it’s a straight line. There are usually turns and obstacles somewhere along the way. 

Still, there are ways to work more efficiently or with an eye toward better results. There are a lot of phone sales practices that are out of date or that waste a lot of time. And to be clear, this doesn’t mean your team isn’t working hard. But working hard at the wrong thing isn’t going to yield results. 

That’s why it’s so important to focus your outbound sales call efforts and use tips, techniques, and practices that help you reach your goals. 

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5 Ways to make your next outbound sales call campaign a winner

1. Dedicate time to prospecting. When you make an outbound sales call, you want to talk with someone who could use what you have to offer. From insurance to software solutions, connecting with the right people is one of the genuine keys to success in sales. That’s why prospecting is so important. How you do it is up to you. You can search for people on LinkedIn, collect information from inbound traffic to your website or social media, or choose a specific industry to work with. What’s most important here is that you put time into your schedule to do this. Maybe you start your week with a long block of prospecting on Mondays, then make calls throughout the week. Perhaps you’d rather dedicate a block of time at the end of each day so you can start the next day with calls. Again, though, don’t leave this up to chance or something you work on when you “have some free time.” If you want successful calls, you need to call the right people. 

2. Create SMART goals. Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals help everyone succeed. Take a look at these words, and you can see they make sense, not just overall, but also for each outbound sales call campaign. Here’s an example of a SMART goal: “I will make 20 follow-up calls this week.” It’s specific (20), measurable (again, 20), achievable (this seems achievable), relevant (follow-up calls in phone sales are relevant), and time-bound (this week). That’s much different than, “I will make some follow-up calls.” Why are these goals so vital to your success? Think of goals as metrics or KPIs. You need to know where you’re falling short or where you can push yourself if you want to improve. 

3. Improve your training. Goals are essential, as is prospecting. But if you want every outbound sales call to be the best it can be, your training program needs to be top-notch. Even skilled salespeople can learn from seminars and hands-on activities. This may be especially evident in industries like software sales, where updates and changes are common. But it’s true in every industry, really. The real estate market is continually in flux, and there are always things to learn as a financial advisor. The best and most successful salespeople know the product or service they sell inside and out. They can answer any question that comes up – or at least know where to find the answers. 

4. Use your script as a guide, not as the ultimate authority. Your sales script is a great way to ensure you relay the information you need to and stay on track. In fact, we’re big proponents of sales scripts. However, the most successful salespeople manage to use a script, and also let conversations flow naturally. If you’ve ever been in the kitchen with an experienced cook, you’ve probably seen this in action. They may follow a recipe and adjust it to suit their taste, adding extra garlic here or opting to use onions instead of shallots. The recipe is still there. It’s still the guide, but the cook makes adjustments depending on what might be available or relevant. It works the same way with scripts. They are there for a reason, and they’ve hopefully been tested and tried repeatedly until they are as perfect as can be. But a good salesperson can make adjustments when they need to. 

5. Get organized. Each and every outbound sales call stands a greater chance of success when your team is organized. Emails, follow-up calls, appointments, callbacks, and campaign reports all help your sales team succeed. Additionally, organization enables you to provide excellent customer service. It’s a winning situation all the way around. 

If your team’s efforts aren’t yielding the results you want, or if your work could be more efficient, try some of these approaches and watch as each call leads to greater success.

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