Quick! What’s one of the most important components of your customer service? If you answered “phone calls…” you’re just like many owners who heavily rely on phone calls for their business. Connecting with existing and prospective customers via friendly phone calls has played a key role in business growth and maintenance for decades. But that doesn’t mean that today’s calls should be the same old, same old. While you may have initially thought of the phone sitting on your desk or in your briefcase or purse, today’s version of business telemarking and customer communication is happening via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Voice Over… What??

Voice Over Internet Protocol (or VoIP, for short) provides the essential phone technology of old, only it also offers tons of additional features by using broadband internet connections rather than old-school manual dialers. A VoIP caller allows you to avoid the hassle of contracting someone to run phone wiring through your business to connect your phone system. Instead, you can utilize a simple, inexpensive software via the Cloud. This means there’s no hardware to install and no special phones that you’re required to use. Plus, it’s easy to add (or subtract) users from wherever in the world. When you increase your number of office staff or add remote employees, you can let users access a convenient web portal. It’s perfect for businesses on the rise and employees on the move. And speaking of being on the move, since VoIP callers allow call transfers to be made to anyone, anywhere, you’re able to break through geographic growth barriers!

It’s Like the Old… Only New. And Better.

If you’re afraid you’ll feel some separation anxiety from your traditional call system, it’s important to know you’ll be able to keep (and enhance!) favorite familiar features that you’re accustomed to, such as:

  • Call hold
  • Transfers
  • Conference calling
  • Auto-attendant phone menus
  • “Find Me” call routing
  • And lots more!

However, the VoIP caller also eliminates the frustrating familiar features of legacy phone lines, like:

  • Expensive updates
  • Intrusive reconfiguring
  • Time-consuming physical maintenance and repairs
  • Restricted flexibility

Utilizing a VoIP caller allows you to save bundles of money on installation costs. Additionally, its long-term use is also notably less expensive. Using a VoIP service, you can call landlines or cell phones, even computer-to-computer! The automated process of a VoIP caller easily outperforms manual efforts.

VoIP Callers Combine Quality Communications

Another beneficial feature of VoIP callers is that they combine the best of multiple communication methods. In addition to typical phone calls, you can also choose to incorporate other classic and current technologies like faxes, voicemails, and emails. The virtual IP faxing of documents removes the need for antiquated fax machines and replaces it with easy document transfers through your email account and VoIP system. Leaving quality voicemails becomes quick and painless with one click. Instead of having to stumble through an uncomfortable, “Hey, call us back…” voicemail, or getting bored to tears as you repeat the same voicemail script over and over and over… you can simply pre-record a polished, company-approved voicemail. Then, with a single click, you can initiate that message drop and move on to the next call! Save time. Reduce stress. That’s the magic of VoIP.

Grow Your Reach

Since VoIP callers are internet-based, it’s easy to integrate your regular business applications – like emails, customer records, leads lists, and follow-up calendars – into a single system. With Cloud-based calling, you can use any high-speed internet connected device and gain the freedom to customize how you do business. If you want to open a new office on the other side of the state, the country, or the world… you can! Make inexpensive international calls, access localized phone numbers, and increase or decrease your features as needed, as you go.

Give Call Logic A Call

Just as the Internet revolutionized the possibilities and opportunities available to business owners over the last several decades, a VoIP caller will make a drastic difference in the way you do business today. Learn more about how you can run your company more efficiently, effectively, and successfully with a VoIP caller. Connect with Call Logic!

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