DNC scrubbing could help you save thousands of dollars. And it could keep you out of legal trouble. 

Whether you run a robust call center or work with a small team making regular sales calls, you need to be familiar with DNC scrubbing. Admittedly, it doesn’t sound all that cool. You aren’t going to ask your buddies if they would rather go for a bike ride to the beach or do some DNC scrubbing. But while it might not sound all that exciting, it could help you prevent thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in fines from organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

You already know there are a number of regulations around telemarketing and making sales calls. Some of them are easy enough to follow. For example, don’t call people after 9 p.m. local time. But the National Do Not Call registry is updated continually, and it can be hard to keep up without the right tools to help you. Adding to the fray, some states also maintain a Do Not Call registry of their own. Fortunately, there are steps you can take so you don’t have to stress about these lists. 

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DNC scrubbing

Why DNC scrubbing can help your business thrive

What, exactly, is DNC scrubbing? You’re likely familiar with the DNC registry. Consumers can register their phone numbers with the FTC requesting that they no longer receive sales calls. Once the number is registered and distributed to the DNC list, any sales call made to that number are illegal. There are some exceptions, such as a previously-existing business relationship, but otherwise, you are no longer allowed to call that number. 

As you can imagine, this list is constantly growing as more people add their numbers. DNC scrubbing is the act of “scrubbing” your list of numbers to ensure there aren’t any there that you shouldn’t be calling. You could think of it as cleaning or maintenance. 

That may not seem like a big deal. After all, how bad is it to dial a few numbers you aren’t supposed to? Here’s what the FTC has to say about it: “Companies that illegally call numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry or place an illegal robocall can currently be fined up to $43,792 per call.” That’s a lot of money! And that’s just one call. Can you imagine making a half dozen calls and opening up a $262,752 bill from the FTC? Probably worth it to pay attention to the numbers on the DNC list, right?

Before you get too worried, the FTC isn’t out to fine every business that makes an honest mistake. If you keep an updated DNC list, have written instructions and training in do not call requirements, and take steps to enforce compliance, you may fall under the “safe harbor” requirements. 

Even so, DNC scrubbing can help you avoid this issue altogether. There is a lot of software out there that offers this service. Of course, some are better than others. And you can imagine we’re a little biased in which company is your best choice. Here are some things to consider, though. 

Some software will scrub the DNC list only once every 24 hours. Some require you to download the DNC list, then upload it to the software. Others give you a price, then charge you extra for every little thing. Want to add call recording? That’ll be an extra $4.99. Training on how to use the software? That’s included if you don’t mind reading the pdf, but you’ll need to upgrade to the service plan if you want to talk to someone. 

We can’t tell you which dialing software you should get. What we can tell you is that if you want complete DNC scrubbing of national and state lists in the microseconds before a call goes out, that will take a lot of stress off your plate. If you want dialing software that is TCPA compliant, you can stop worrying about surprise visits from the FTC and FCC. If you want dialing software that has simple, straightforward pricing, your budget will be a lot easier to deal with. 

Is Call Logic the only dialing software that can give you this peace of mind? Maybe not, but is that a chance you want to take? After all, compliance is nothing to play games with. 

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