Execute Call Campaigns

Call Logic Enables You To Execute Call Campaigns For Leads, Referrals, Renewals, Cross-Selling, and Win-Backs.

Power Dialing

i.e. Progressive Dialing

Preview Dialing

i.e. Click-To-Call Dialing

Campaign Calling

Single Contact Calling

Power Dialing

i.e. Progressive Dialing

Preview Dialing

i.e. Click-To-Call Campaigns

Power Dialing


Click-to-Call Dialing

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Preview Contact

Recorded Voice Mails


Live Transfer

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Notes/Send Emails

Power Dialing

  1. A user can call on one or multiple campaigns using the power dialer.
  2. This option allows the user to create a campaign and move quickly through their lists.
  3. The system will place a call, wait for the result of the call (no answer, voicemail, live connection), then when the call is completed and a disposition is recorded, the system will automatically move on to the next call, keep the user engaged in their calling campaign.
  4. During a call in the campaign, the user has access to their script library, can leave a prerecorded voicemail if they reach an answering machine, send email, live transfer/3way calling, and take live time-stamped notes.
  5. Also during a call, the user may click on the View/Edit button to see all info fields imported or added to a contact, previous notes and calling campaigns, and appointment calendar.
  6. The user can control the pace of the campaign but change their Ring Time and Wrap Time.
  7. The ring time is the set amount of time the system will allow the phone to ring before moving on to the next call and marking the call as no answer.
  8. It is preset at 30 seconds (about 6 rings) but can be set anywhere from 20 seconds (4 rings) to 40 seconds (8 rings).
  9. The wrap time is the preset time (12-60 seconds) that the system will pause between calls for the user to finish note taking and select a disposition.
  10. The timer will start once the call is disconnected and the system will resume calling once the disposition is submitted or the wrap time runs out, whichever is completed first.

Click-To-Call Dialing

  1. The Click to Call campaign is an option where a user can set up a campaign (usually cell phones, but can be used to call landlines also).
  2. To be compliant with the TCPA, this campaign has a lot of human interaction.
  3. The user will start the campaign, and the system will load up the first contact.
  4. Then the user will click Call and the system will place the call.
  5. Once the call has ended, the user will disconnect the call, finish taking notes, then submit disposition (no wrap time as the system can not automatically move forward with click to call option).
  6. A new lead will load up and they will repeat.
  7. During the call, the user has all the same functions (email, notes, scripts, etc) with the exception of the option to leave a prerecorded voicemail.

Preview Contact Before Dialing

  1. In a click to call campaign, when the system loads the contact, before clicking the Call button, the user may click on the View/Edit button and see all of the information on the contact record.
  2. This would include all info fields imported or added to a contact, previous notes and calling campaigns, and appointment calendar.

Pre-Recorded Voice Mails

  1. The system will not automatically leave a voicemail.
  2. If a contact answering machine picks up during a campaign, the user must click the Leave voicemail button and the system will then disconnect them from the call and while they wait for the next contact, the system will wait for the beep and play the voicemail.
  3. Due to TCPA regulations, we do not allow the prerecorded voicemail option during click to call single or campaign calling
  4. Yes, when the Leave voicemail button is clicked, the system will automatically add that disposition note to the contact record, no other action by the user is required.

Live Transfer/ 3-Way Calling

  1. This option allows 3 different ways for the user to have a third party on the phone with them and the contact.
    • Live transfer – allows the user to transfer the contact to a third party and then resume their calling campaign
    • Whisper Coaching – allows for the user to bring on a third party (coach) to listen in and advise while they are on a call with a contact (with this option, the user will be able to hear the coach but the contact will not)
    • 3 way calling – allows the user to bring a third party into the line and they can join the conversation with the user and the contact.

Recorded History Notes

  1. Notes are manually typed in, but once the note is finished, the system will automatically time stamp the note record when placing it into the contact record.
  1. Emails are not manually triggered.
  2. During a call, on the dialing page at the top of the disposition box, there is an email icon that the user can click to initiate an email to be sent to the contact they are on the phone with.
  3. Once they click this box, they can select an email template (or create an email) and click Send.

Recorded Dispositions

  1. The dispositions show on the dialing page can either be the system default dispositions or the customized dispositions created by the user. Must be one or the other
  2. Make an Appointment, Send Email, Call Back/Not Avail, Personally Left Voicemail, Provided Information, Not Interested, Wrong Number, Interested/Don’t Call Again, Do-Not-Call/Remove
  3. Customize dispositions – They can be labeled whatever the user wishes, but have 4 main types:
    • Email – contact is parked until user sends out an email after call (from dialing page) or campaign (from parked dispositions on home page)
    • Appointment – contact is parked until user sets an appointment after call (from dialing page) or campaign (from parked dispositions on home page)
    • Don’t call again – contact is removed from that campaign (contact can be called again in new or follow-up campaign)
    • Follow-Up – contact will have a follow-up date option to be set to remind the user to call back on the specific date.