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  • Compliant Auto Dialing Software for recruiting, sales and more!
  • Listed in the FINRA Vendor Compliance Directory
  • Directly and Fully Integrated with Redtail Technology!

The LogicDialer Auto Dialing System powered by Call Logic will increase your outbound calling production by 3X and is the only dialing system listed in the FINRA Vendor Compliance Directory. All you will need is a computer and phone to make the Logicdialer work.  No equipment to buy or software to download.  Call 831-373-4716 for more information.

Be More Productive in Your Prospecting:

  • Set up call campaigns in minutes
  • Helps you stay fresh and focused when you reach someone on the phone
  • Save Time — Make 2-3 times more calls using Logic Dialer vs. hand dialing.
  • Use Logic Dialer for prospecting calls for candidates, cross-selling, win-backs, renewals, and more!
  • Tracking the progress of calls allows you to schedule follow-ups and take notes

Features Include:

Real-Time Scrubbing

Real-time scrubbing against Federal DNC, State DNC, Cell Phone, and your Companies DNC Lists keep your Calling Compliant


Comprehensive reporting for each campaign. Summary reports or detailed reports to make decisions.

Compliant Calling

Compliant non-ATDS separate calling platform for cell phone calling (Calling Assistant for landlines and Click- to-Call for cell and VoIP lines)


Logic Dialer is the ONLY dialing tool listed in the FINRA Vendor Compliance Directory and is integrated with the Redtail Technology CRM for Financial Advisors.  We are also integrated with the Blitz recruiting CRM. Call us to discuss other integrations with your CRM tools.  Coming in the future Salesforce.

Why use a TCPA Compliant Dialing tool like the Logicdialer?

The Cloud-Based Logicdialer provides the most efficient form of outbound calling for any size organization. All you need is a computer and phone to make 3x the contacts as compared to manual or click to call dialing 

Why Switch To LogicDialer?

People are switching from their current auto dialing software to benefit from a fully TCPA Compliant, integrated system to start being more efficient in their business — LogicDialer.

Ready To Get Started?

Features to Track Performance and Gain Insight:

Call Campaigns


TCPA Compliance

Call Recordings

Whisper Coaching

Import Contacts


Duplicate Checking

Customizable Dispositions


Calendar with Reminders



Manager Dashboard

Which Pricing Plan Best Fits Your Business Needs?

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Just pick up the phone and give us a call. We will help you choose the perfect plan to suit the needs of your company.

Features Included In Each Package:


Web Based


Training & Support


TCPA Compliance


Pre-Recorded Voicemails


Access Anywhere






Free Updates


Customizable Caller ID


Unlimited Dialing


Custom Call Scripts


And Much More!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current phone system?

YES! That’s the magic of LogicDialer. You can connect with any phone at any time. From cell phones to phones in the office (VoIP) to even phones at home. Simply call into the number provided by Call Logic to begin the calling campaign.

Does LogicDialer provide any reporting or call recording features?

Yes, we offer both a summary as well as a detailed reporting on every call campaign. LogicDialer offers the ability to record a single call or a LogicDialer offers the ability to record a single call or an entire call campaign.

Is this dialer TCPA Compliant?

Yes, not only do we have internal evaluations to ensure compliance, we have been listed in the FINRA Vendor Compliance Directory as well!

Does everyone in my office need a LogicDialer account?

NO! We are strong believers in paying for what you use. That being said, you only have to pay for those who will be making outbound calls.

Example: If you have an office of 5 people, but only 2 are telemarketing… You would only need 2 LogDialer accounts.

Does LogicDialer scrub my calls?

Absolutely. As an optional feature LogicDialer will “Real Time” scrub every call microseconds before the call is placed.

Does LogicDialer offer click-to-call?

Yes! LogicDialer does offer an option to place a single call through the system or to a list of contacts.

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