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The BEST Auto Dialer for Next Level Exchange Recruiters

This auto dialing platform is built to make your life easy when making outbound calls. We take care of the dialing so you can close more deals.

More Qualified Candidates. Less Dialing.

Call Logic is a Next Level Exchange Compliant Auto Dialing Software that is making recruiters more efficient when making outbound calls their contacts and possible candidates.


TCPA Compliant

No need to worry. Call Logic is TCPA compliant and safe guarded for you.

Call Campaigns

Create one time campaigns or update your contact lists as your book grows.


Compliant non-ATDS separate calling platform for cell phone calling (Calling Assistant for landlines and Click-to-Call for cell and VoIP lines)


Call Logic is currently integrated with applicant tracking systems like PCRecruiter and Blitz Sales Software but can also be used standalone.

Reporting & Insights

Easy to read reporting that includes filtering to manage different campaigns for your business.

Call Recordings

Record calls to share as training for others or to make sure your script is working.


Prerecorded Voicemail

Leave your best message and save up to a minute versus leaving a message manually.

Manager Dashboard

Management can view an easy to view dashboard to see the Reporting

Manually Dialing Calls Is A Thing Of The PAST

Do your staff members tend to forget to follow up with contacts? Do they not have time to make the calls they need to? Call Logic is here to help! Call Logic automates the dialing process to help your staff get through their calls 2-3 times faster than manually dialing.

A Dialing Platform WITHOUT Telemarketing Delay 

Call Logic offers the best customer experiences for both ends of the call. Without telemarketing delay, you are connected with your contact who answers in LIVE TIME when they say Hello, you are immediately connected.

Plans & Pricing

Features Included In Each Package:


Web Based


Training & Support


TCPA Compliance


Pre-Recorded Voicemails


Access Anywhere






Free Updates


Customizable Caller ID


Monthly Rollover


Custom Call Scripts


And Much More!

Still Unsure How Call Logic Can Increase Revenue For Your Office?

Call Logic was designed for professionals with decades of experience working with different call management systems in multiple industries. This is a simple yet powerful software to make any workplace making outbound calls more efficient. We have worked to tailor software designed to control costs and maximize profits.

We provide free software demos scheduled at your convenience. Sessions can be accessed on any computer or tablet and typically last about 30 minutes. During this presentation, we will discuss what issues you are trying to solve and show you, in live time, how Call Logic can help manage those issues while providing great lift for moral in your staff.

Schedule a Live Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current phone system?

YES! That’s the magic of Call Logic. You can connect with any phone at any time. From cell phones to phones in the office (VoIP) to even phones at home. Simply call into the number provided by Call Logic to begin the calling campaign.

Does Call Logic provide any reporting or call recording features?

Yes, we offer both a summary as well as a detailed reporting on every call campaign. Call Logic offers the ability to record a single call or a Call Logic offers the ability to record a single call or an entire call campaign.

Is this dialer TCPA Compliant?

Yes, not only do we have internal evaluations to ensure compliance.

Does everyone in my office need a Call Logic account?

NO! We are strong believers in paying for what you use. That being said, you only have to pay for those who will be making outbound calls.

Example: If you have an office of 5 people, but only 2 are telemarketing… You would only need 2 Call Logic accounts.

Does Call Logic scrub my calls?

Absolutely. Call Logic will scrub every call microseconds before the call is placed.

Does Call Logic offer click-to-call?

Yes! Call Logic does offer an option to place a single call through the system or to a list of contacts.