Plan Call Campaigns

Call Logic™ Enables You To Plan Call Campaigns For Leads, Referrals, Renewals, Cross-Selling, and Win-Backs.


Organize Contacts

Set-up Campaigns

Set-Up Campaigns

Assign Call Campaigns


Customize Caller ID


Customize Scripts

Record Voicemails

Home Page

  1. Today’s Appointments
    • Shows a list of all appointments set for that date
  2. My Follow-Ups
    • Shows a list of all contacts that have a scheduled follow-up for that day (or the past that has not been completed).
    • Can do a single click to call or can select all to create a group campaign to call.

Organize and Import Contacts…

  1. Call Logic allows the ability to set up customer dispositions at 3 different levels:
    • System dispositions
    • Custom User Dispositions (set up by user and only  for this account)
    • Custom Company/Group Dispositions (set up by manager dashboard and available to all user accounts registered under that company/group)
  2. Call Logic comes preloaded with 9 dispositions:
    • Make an Appointment
    • Send Email
    • Call Back/Not Available
    • Personally Left Voicemail
    • Provided Information
    • Not Interested
    • Wrong Number
    • Interested/Don’t Call Again, Do-Not-Call/Remove
  3. Manual entry – User can create a single contact adding as many field descriptions as needed
  4. Import spreadsheets .csv – A user can import an unlimited number of contacts.  Prospects must be on a .xls, .xlsx, or .csv file and the max per file is 10,000 per import.
  5. We do have integrations with Salesgenie, Cole XDates, and Quote Wizard for lead lists and the internet leads to be auto-imported.

Set-Up Call Campaigns & Dialing Speeds

  1. Click-to-Call – Call Logic can be used to to a single line click to call where you search for a contact and click on the phone icon to call that one person OR with the two platform solution can be used to create a campaign of multiple contacts and do a manual click to call session allowing for compliance when calling cell phones.
  2. Power Dialing – Call Logic can be used to create a campaign of multiple contacts and have the system automatically start dialing the list and move you on to the next call if there is a no answer or voicemail connection.
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Assign Call Campaigns

  1. A manager can assign call campaigns to individual users through the free manager’s dashboard.
    • Select the user
    • Import the list OR select a group of lists from the Manage Contacts page
    • Create the campaign

Customize Caller ID

  1. At the moment in production, a contact may only set up one Caller ID option.
  2. This option must be a valid call back number, but they can set whatever number they wish to appear on the contacts Caller ID.
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Customize Emails

  1. A user can create and send an email with attachments to their contacts.
  2. They can also create an unlimited number of email templates to select and send during their campaign.
  3. Add attachments (i.e. pdf, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, jpeg)
  4. Insert links to websites

Customize Scripts

  1. A user may create an unlimited number or scripts to use for their calling campaigns.
  2. Scripts are only text but do have the options to bold or change font color to emphasize strategic points of the call.
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Customize Dispositions

  1. Two types of custom dispositions:
    • User created (can create up to 18 personalized dispositions to adhere to their calling campaign result needs)
    • Manage Dashboard can create customized dispositions for the users in their group to have a more uniformed measure of tracking call results.

Record Custom Voicemails

  1. User can create up to six different voicemails (up to 120 seconds)
  2. Using one voicemail per call campaign enables you to control your messaging.