How Does Call Logic™ Work?

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Call Logic™ is a Call Management System That Enables You to Auto-Dial Phone Calls Any Time, from Anywhere, from any Phone/Computer.

Upload your list and hit ‘Start’. Call Logic will call your contacts. When answered, have a live conversation. Hit Leave Voicemail if you get an answering machine…

Calling Assistant

Call Logic speed-dials numbers from your list: no time wasted dialing wrong numbers. New calls are served up to you immediately after you hang up your last call.

Have a Live Conversation

The instant a call connects, have a live conversation with your customer or prospect. Make appropriate “Call-to-Action” in a disposition format at end of call.

Pre-Recorded Messaging

No ums or ahs…Call Logic leaves your pre-recorded message while you’re already on to your next call. Stay fresh and focused on your next customer.

Import Contacts

Upload your contact list in seconds!