Features and Benefits of a Dialing Software

Good features can separate one dialing softeare from the rest. Being one of the only TCPA Compliant dialers on the market, Call Logic takes pride in each great feature we offer our customers.

Understanding the Features of Call Logic

As you review the features and benefits of Call Logic, it is important to keep in mind that we build software from the perspective of eliminating manual work activities for customers, employees, supervisors, and owners.

Call Logic is built and maintained by our internal software programmers. This enables us to quickly add new functionality and features to meet your evolving needs.

Call Campaigns

With just 3 simple steps, you can create your campaign and begin calling. Reaching your contacts is simple when you use Call Logic because you have all of your contacts’ detailed information right in front of you. If your call is sent to an answering machine, no problem! Just click “Leave Voicemail,” and move on to the next call.  While you attempt to reach the next live person, the system will leave your perfectly recorded message for the last call.

Real-Time Scrubbing

The time-consuming days of pre-scrubbing and compliance fears are over! Continuous scrubbing of the national and state DNC lists (that happens in microseconds before each call!) saves you precious time. You can also rest easy knowing that Call Logic’s continuous scrubbing protects you and your business from paying hefty fines.

Smart Caller ID

Increase your answer rate with Smart Caller ID. Smart Caller ID gives you the ability to input your phone number or DID number for a local presence. Confidently call outside your area knowing that you appear locally to call recipients.


Did you forget an important piece of information from a past call? Play that recording back and easily find what you’re missing. For managers, use recordings to effectively coach and train your team so that your business or department can flourish.


Sometimes you need to transfer a call to a different professional in your office or department. Simply select “transfer” and the call is sent to the appropriate person without you ever having to leave the call campaign.

TCPA Compliant

Being compliant is something we fully stand behind. We scrub against the national and state DNCs. Our users have the ability to Click to Call cell phones. If you don’t have a profile with the National Do Not Call Registry, apply here. For our customers in recruiting, you do not need a SAN.


In addition to automatic dialing, Call Logic also features Click to Call. Use this platform to directly ‘click’ to dial your next call. This feature allows you to control your pace of calling while still increasing your call production. Tedious manual dialing is a thing of the past with Call Logic!

Whisper Coaching

Did you know your staff can invite you into their live call WITHOUT the prospect hearing you both converse? Whisper coaching makes this possible! Your staff will feel confident knowing they’re just a click away from drawing you into the call so you can answer questions or provide coaching.


Want to know how your team is doing on their calls whether you’re in or out of the office? Intelligent reporting allows you to do just that. Live monitoring lets you stay up-to-date with your team so you can see every call and its result.

Manager Dashboard

The manager dashboard is a great tool for managing the usage of Call Logic for one or more of your callers.  The manager dashboard lets you monitor your callers in real-time: see who they are talking to, listen to live calls, whisper coach, and even enter the call. Additionally, you’ll have access to real-time summaries and detail reports to make sure your office’s marketing activities are at the appropriate level.

Voicemail Drop

Never listen to an entire voicemail prompt again! With voicemail drop, select one of several personalized prerecorded voicemails to leave whenever you recognize a voicemail. No more physical exhaustion trying to verbalize the perfect voicemail after every call!


“Can you email me some more information?” Everyone receives this question from time to time, which is why Call Logic allows you to write and send a quick email. Or to maximize your time, submit a customizable email template to your prospect instantly.

Calendar with Reminders

Schedule and view all of your appointments with Call Logic’s calendar feature. Never forget an important appointment again thanks to voice, email, and text reminders!


Dial efficiently from within your current system! Call Logic has robust integrations with Salesforce, Blitz Sales Software, and RedTail CRM.

Ready To Be More Efficient?

Monitor Management Dashboard

  1. The managers dashboard is a special monitoring account provided free of charge to managers. This account will allow them to track,monitor, and provide company geared messages (email scripts, calling scripts, etc) to all of their calling accounts.
  2. This account is used anytime a manager wants to have an overview of the user accounts.  The dashboard can be used to import lists into the user account, schedule recordings, see who is on a campaign, monitor that campaign, listen in live to calls, and view usage/activity/campaign reports.
  3. The admin would use this account, the only way a user could log on to the manger dashboard is if the admin gave them supervisor priveliges.
  4. The manager’s dashboard allows the manager to import lists, scripts, email templates and coaching contacts into their user’s accounts. It also allows them to real time track and monitor the calling activity. For anyone actively in a campaign the manager can listen in live, turn on the recording feature, or even coach into their call. They are also able to view all of the reports detailing how campaigns are going such as the activity report, campaign report, and usage report.
  5. We suggest managers use it daily to make sure their users are staying on track with their calling.