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Understanding Our Features Of Call Logic

As you review our features and benefits, it is important to keep in mind that we build software from the perspective of eliminating manual work activities for customers, employees, supervisors, and owners.

Call Logic is built and maintained by our internal software programmers. This enables us to quickly add new functionality and features to meet your evolving needs.

Check Out The Features and Benefits of Our Auto Dialing Software

Real-Time Scrubbing

The time-consuming days of pre-scrubbing and compliance fears are over!  Continuous scrubbing of the national, state and (Allstate or Farmers DNC lists) microseconds before each call saves you precious time. You can also rest easy with peace of mind knowing that Call Logic’s continuous scrubbing protects you and your business.

Smart Caller ID

Increase your answer rate with Smart Caller ID. Smart Caller ID gives you the ability to input your phone number or DID for local presence. Call outside your area with confidence knowing that you appear locally to call recipients. 


Forgot that important piece of information on your call? Play that recording back and easily find what you’re missing. For managers, use recordings to effectively coach and train your team so that your business or department can flourish.

Voicemail Drop

Never listen to an entire voicemail prompt again! With voicemail drop, select one of several personalized prerecorded voicemails to leave whenever you recognize a voicemail. No more physical exhaustion and the stress to verbalize the perfect voicemail after every call!

TCPA Compliant

Being compliant is something we fully stand behind. We scrub against the national and state DNCs. Our users have the ability to Click to Call cell phones. If they don’t have one and would like one, they can apply for it through the FTC website: https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/profile/create.aspx. For those in recruiting, they do not need a SAN.


Want to know how your team is doing on their calls whether you’re in or out of the office? Intelligent reporting allows you to do just that. Live monitoring gives you the power to stay up-to-date with your team so you can see every call and its result.   

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