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Why Use An Auto Dialing Software?

Cloud-Based Auto Dialers are the most efficient form of outbound calling.  For any office, that makes calls in mass, an auto dialer is for you to get through lists of contacts more efficient than ever before.

Why Switch To Call Logic™?

People are switching from their current auto dialing software to benefit from a fully TCPA Compliant, integrated system to start being more efficient in their business — Call Logic.

Quick Videos about Call Logic™

Features to Track Performance and Gain Insight:

Call Campaigns


TCPA Compliance

Call Recordings

Whisper Coaching

Import Contacts


Smart Caller ID


Voicemail Recordings


Calendar with Reminders



Manager Dashboard

Call Logic™ Enables You To…


Call Campaigns

Planning call campaigns can be difficult. With Call Logic, you have the ability to set up call campaigns, dialing speeds, importing and organizing contacts, customize a caller ID for your calls, customize emails, scripts, and dispositions as well as preparing prerecorded voicemails to be sent to a contact with one click prior to dialing.


Call Campaigns

Call Logic executes your dialing for you! You have the ability to use a Click-To-Call feature or our Power Dialing feature. Both are great options to boost efficiency in your office. Our platform allows you to preview a contact before connecting, leave pre-recorded voicemails, live transfer calls, and even record history notes on the contacts.


Call Campaigns

Business management is constantly trying to find systems to help them evaluate the effectiveness of their outbound calling strategy. With Call Logic, you have the ability to whisper coach reps in live time, see usage reports, get summary reports, review call recordings, and monitor campaigns via the Manager Dashboard.

Call Logic™ Offers You Two Options For Your Outbound Calling Needs.

Power Dialing

i.e. Progressive Dialing

Preview Dialing

i.e. Click-To-Call Campaigns

Call Logic™ Does Not Offer Predictive Dialing Because It:

  1. Puts little value on leads, referrals, clients, and past clients
  2. Gives telemarketing and inside sales teams a bad reputation

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