The Auto Dialer For Your Industry

Call Logic is a TCPA compliant auto dialing software built to make you more efficient when making outbound calls. Below are just some of the current industry segments we have customers in. We believe our dialer is the best software on the market for your business — Let us prove it!

You’re All About Efficiency, And We Are Too.

Auto Dialing Software will help you connect with more contacts and ultimately help you close more business.

Access from Anywhere

Simply log in to your Call Logic account on a computer, tablet, or laptop and start making dials on any phone.

Boost Rep Productivity

Help your team triple their productivity by using automation when making outbound calls.

Real-Time Reporting

Call Logic allows you to monitor current call campaigns or easily pull reports on previous campaigns.

Join Our MANY Happy Customers

“I can reach 3X more contacts in less amount of time. Cold calling jobs are a lot of “no answers” and leaving voicemails. By the time you dial, let it ring, leave a voicemail that is 30-50 seconds. By using this software you take out the dial time and you take out the leaving a voicemail time because you already pre-recorded one, shorting that time to 5-10 seconds per call. Also by having a pre-recorded voicemail, it allows me to focus on what to say when they answer vs thinking about what to say on a voicemail and rambling on too much.”

Brianna Dodson

Executive Search Consultant, Exemplar360

Call Logic offers a fabulous product and service. The system is very easy to use, performs flawlessly, and stores all of my data in a very efficient manner. I’m able to prospect and perform my callbacks at a much greater rate than I was doing before I obtained the system. It’s fantastic. I love it.

Kevin Jenkins

Owner, Self Employed

“If you have trouble focusing and need something to keep you on track, this is the product for you. It forces you to have a plan ready and at the speed in which the program jumps from call to call, you have to be ready to go. Our teams are much more effective now, by using Call Logic

Hillary Petersen

Director of Operations, Novum Group, Inc.

Using this software I was able to increase my overall call volume by 300% and average call length by 2 minutes. This allowed my team to make more quality contacts with our prospects and avoid time spent dialing numbers manually where the number had been changed or was no longer in service.

Drewbie Wilson

Concierge Consultant, Mobile Funnels

Bought initially just for myself to use to keep me focused on call-backs. Now hiring and have an option that this position can work from home; without Call Logic, we wouldn’t have that possibility .

Michele Robbins

Owner, RPM Agency, Inc.

Auto Dialer Features for Any Business

Call Logic is a fully compliant auto dialing software to help teams get through their calls more efficiently. Whether it be new contacts or marketing to old contacts or even reaching out to current customers, Call logic makes it simple to meet your goals!


TCPA Compliant

No need to worry. Call Logic is TCPA compliant and safe guarded for you.

Call Campaigns

Create one time campaigns or update your contact lists as your book grows.


Real-time scrubbing against Federal DNC, State DNC, Cell Phones, and VoIP Phones


Integrated with some of the top lead providers as well as CRM programs.

Reporting & Insights

Easy to read reporting that includes filtering.

Call Recordings

Record calls to share as training for others or to make sure your script is working.


Use Click-to-Call to make outbound calls for cell and VoIP lines.

Manager Dashboard

Management can view dashboards to see the reports.

Manually Dialing Calls Is A Thing Of The PAST

Do your staff members tend to forget to follow up with contacts? Do they not have time to make the calls they need to? Call Logic is here to help! Call Logic automates that manual dialing process to help your staff get through their calls 2-3 times faster than manually dialing. Simply take a list of contacts, upload them into Call Logic, and Call Logic will take it from there getting through that list of contacts. 

A Dialing Platform WITHOUT Telemarketing Delay

Call Logic offers the best customer experiences for both ends of the call. Most dialers get a bad reputation for something called Telemarketing Delay, that pause/wait time after the contact says hello. Without telemarketing delay, you are connected with your contact who answers in LIVE TIME when they say “Hello”. That’s the power of Call Logic!

Businesses Utilizing Call Logic To Grow

Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents looking for a system to automate dialing their clients and potential clients can take full advantage of our outbound calling technology. Call Logic is built to be more efficient with your time.

Mortgage Broker

The mortgage space can be challenging to keep your contacts up to date while contacting new leads as quickly as possible. With Call Logic, you’ll never miss opportunities with new leads or your current clients.

Real Estate Agents

Are you wanting to sell more houses or properties? Having a system, like Call Logic, can help you reach new clients as well as keep in contact with current clients allowing you to ask for referrals.

Financial Advisers

Financial Advisors want to keep in communication with their contacts to make sure they reach their potential customers at just the right time. Call Logic helps you stay in touch with each contact.

Fitness Centers

Fitness centers need to stay on top of prospecting members wanting to join the gym as well as keeping current members up to date with what is going on in the facility. Call Logic can help!

Employment Services & Recruiting

Call Logic helps recruiters automate their outbound dialing to be more productive when trying to connect with their potential candidates for certain positions.

Call Centers

Call Logic is the solution to help call center employees get through their calls faster than ever before. With access to scripts and other information, you can help improve the overall call experience and make it more personal.

SaaS and Technology

Call Logic can help you connect with prospects, schedule more appointments, and follow up with current clients to see if there is anything that they need.

Ready To Be More Efficient?