Call Logic™ for Franchises and Agencies

Call Logic Is Used By Franchise and Agency Development and Professionals As Well As Franchisees and Agents To Automate Call Campaigns.

Franchise and Agency Development Professionals

Franchise/Agency Sales & Marketing Professionals

Consumer Call Centers

Franchise/Agent Recruiting Call Centers

Franchisee’s and Agents

Franchisee/Agency Owners

Office, Sales, & Marketing Managers

Franchisee and Agency Development

Sales People/Producers

Franchise/Agency Sales & Marketing Professionals
  1. Calling prospects
  2. Leads
  3. Current book of business
  4. Retention
  5. Cross-selling

Consumer Call Centers

  1. Appointment setting
  2. Demo setting
  3. Prospecting of new clients

Franchisee/Agent Recruiting & Candidate Tracking

  1. Prospecting new applicants
  2. Setting up appointments
  3. Following up after interviews

Provide your marketers with the best tools to ensure success.  With Call Logic, your marketers can use the system to do call prospects, past customers, current customers for reviews/renewals, or cross-selling opportunities.

Franchisee/Agency Managers (Office, Sales, and Marketing)

Use Call Logics Manager Dashboard to hold your marketers accountable.  Within the dashboard, you can provide them with the tools they need (calling scripts, email templates, voicemails) and monitor activity through real time monitoring or Activity reports.

Sales People/Producers
Don’t waste time dialing by hard.  Increase the number of calls made by 3 times using Call Logic.  Load up your lead list and let Call Logic go the work for you.  Spend time talking to live prospects instead of leaving voicemails.  Call Logic will also eliminate call reluctance by keeping you moving on to the next call as soon as the current call if finished.