Power Dialer

Call Logic allows organizations to make outbound calls to identified lists of contacts in a predictable and efficient manner. The Call Logic Power Dialer is an automated dialing system that connects prospects with agents more efficiently by allowing agents to focus on live connections instead of manual dialing.

A Power Dialer Can Create A More Efficient Work Environment

A power dialer utilizes a configurable call campaigns for staff members. Your sales reps can quickly compile a list of numbers and call through them all in just one click.

Call Logic’s Power Dialer feature maximizes the amount of time agents spend talking to real contacts and customers by automating outbound dialing. A power dialer is especially useful when there is a small number of sales agents and a large number of prospects. You can throttle dialing rates up or down by campaign while staying fully compliant during the process.

You’re All About Efficiency, And We Are Too.

Using a Preview Dialer will help your team be more prepared and ultimately help you close more business.

Access from Anywhere

Simply log in to your Call Logic account on a computer, tablet, or laptop and start making dials on any phone.

Boost Rep Productivity

Help your team triple their productivity by using automation when making outbound calls.

Real-Time Reporting

Call Logic allows you to monitor current call campaigns or easily pull reports on previous campaigns.

Enhance Operational Management Activities


Stay Updated With Your Staff

Communicating can be difficult for staff sometimes. Management really doesn’t want to come across as micromanaging their employees. Call Logic’s reporting features can allow you to better track how your team is doing when using a dialing platform like Call Logic. From tracking depositions from contacted or seeing how close they are from completing a campaign, Call Logic is the solution to better managing your team. 

Accurate Information In Real-Time

Why guess what contacts need to be engaged with? An advanced call center technology can give you the ability to stop guessing if your team is following up with contacts and instead allow you to better coach your employees on areas in which they can improve when making these calls.

Identify and Correct Inefficiencies

It is important to be efficient when making any type of outbound calls. This is where an advanced call center technology like Call Logic can make an immediate impact on your organization. The dialing software can help point out areas where your staff could use some additional attention to boost numbers and allow you the ability to discuss correcting issues you may have with the teams current production.

Integrations With Current Systems

Why use systems that aren’t integrated? This can be confusing and become a training nightmare for employees, especially new employees. Call Logic’s platform is integrated with CRM software solutions to complete your day to day work in one system instead of multiple.

Ready To Be More Efficient?