Why Switch To Call Logic?

Call Logic is the ONLY advanced dialer available that is TCPA compliant for making calls to any type of phone (cell, landline or VoIP).  Call Logic offers a full suite of features (call campaigns, click to call, monitoring, pre-recorded voicemail, etc) all for one low price.  Don’t mess around with other dialers nickel and diming you for the features you want, use Call Logic and gain a competitive advantage over others.

People are Making The Decision to add Call Logic Because...

Call Logic offers an advanced dialing platform built to help your organization be more successful and helps increase efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy in your business. We are different than most other software on the market because we are also TCPA compliant to make sure you abide by all the government regulations when making these outbound calls to contacts.

The dialing platform can help you manage your operations as well as allow your staff to get through calling contacts more effientually. Taking your operations to the next level can help your team close more deals while asking fewer questions and allow you to spend more time working on the business rather than in the business. 

Increase The Productivity In Your Business By Adding An Advanced Dialer 

Phone Calls Per Hour

Conversations Per Hour

Voicemails Per Hour

Enhance Business Activities

Cloud-Based Software

Have a remote team or have a team that works on the go? Call Logic is a cloud-based auto dialing system built for the businesses of today, ones that work on the go. This means that no matter where you are if you have a computer or laptop and phone (cell phone, VoIP, or landline) you have the ability to make outbound calls with the touch of a finger.

Telemarketing Delays

Not one person enjoys the typical telemarketing delay you get with other dialing solutions… So why use them? With Call Logic, telemarketing delays are a thing of the past. As soon as the contact says “Hello” you are automatically connected with them in live time. There is zero downtime when you are in a call campaign with Call Logic.



In a world where privacy is becoming a hot topic, having a dialing platform that is NOT compliant can be detrimental. So why risk it? Call Logic is one of the ONLY advanced dialing platforms on the market that stays TCPA Compliant when making these outbound calls. This allows you to relax and focus on closing more deals with your contacts. 

No More Missed Opportunities

Business leaders hate when opportunities fall through the cracks. with an Advanced dialer on your side, this fear will be a thing of the past. Call Logic has features like Hot Lead Dial that allow you to connect with clients as soon as they reach your system. Working with Lead providers, Call Logic allows you to connect with your leads faster allowing you to reach the lead faster which can lead to more sales.

Power Dialing

Why limit access to your system to one computer? That is a thing of the past! Call Logic is a cloud-based work management system. This means when you’re on the go or in the office, you have access to your information at the touch of a finger.


Why use more than one system in your organization? This can be confusing, quite expensive, and can become a training nightmare for employees, especially new employees. With Call Logic, you can have all operational programs in one, easy-to-use system for your team, clients, and management staff.

Ready To Be More Efficient?