What is Call Logic™?

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Call Logic™ is a Cloud-Based (TCPA Compliant) Advanced Call Center Technology that Provides Two Auto-Dialing Options…

Power Dialing

i.e. Progressive Dialing*

Preview Dialing

i.e. Click-To-Call Dialing*

Call Logic™ Enables You To…


Outbound Call Campaigns

  • Import and Organize Contacts
  • Set-Up Call Campaigns & Dialing Speed
  • Assign Call Campaigns
  • Customize Caller ID
  • Customize Emails, Scripts & Dispositions
  • Record Custom Voicemails



Outbound Call Campaigns

  • Option 1: Power Dialing Pace
  • Option 2: Click-To-Call Dialing Pace
  • Preview Contact Info Before Dialing
  • One-Click Pre-Recorded Voicemails
  • Live Transfer/ 3-Way Calling
  • Record History Notes/ Send Emails


Outbound Call Campaigns

  • Whisper Coaching
  • Usage Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Detailed Reports
  • Review Call Recordings
  • Monitor Management Dashboard

*Each of these Advanced Call Center Technologies can be used at anytime

Auto dialers are the most efficient form of outbound calling.  For any office, big or small, that has a need to make calls in mass, whether you want to call your current customers, follow up with past customers or generate new clients.   Outbound calling is no longer only about cold calling; it is about those who with to succeed with their campaigns.