Your outbound recruiting strategies are good. Here’s how to make them great.

Your outbound recruiting strategies were working well. Your clients were growing teams thanks to your efforts bringing in new talent. Times were good. Then something changed. 

Today, those same outbound recruiting strategies don’t get the results they did. It’s harder to find talent willing to leave their current situation. There’s more competition. And the same perks that attracted candidates a few years ago are not the same that today’s employees are looking for. 

In short, if you want to recruit top talent, your strategies have to evolve and change with the culture. 

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outbound recruiting strategies

Find the best recruits with the best outbound recruiting strategies

1. Back to the basics. Recruiting is all about building relationships. That means it’s essential to include good, old-fashioned customer service in your outbound recruiting strategies. This doesn’t need to be complicated. Treat people well, be welcoming, and be respectful of their time and energy. 

2. Work on that job description. Whether your candidates read the job description on an online job board or in an email you send to them, make sure it’s engaging. Too many job descriptions read like a chore list. Write something suitable to the position and the company, but also something that’s fun or interesting. 

3. Get detailed. What are the expectations? What are the benefits? Why is there an opening – is the company expanding? Is this fully remote, fully in-office, or hybrid? What is the pay range? The more details you can offer about a position, the more likely you are to attract the people you want. 

4. Ask questions. You can’t write a better job description or offer details if you don’t know what they are. Talk to the hiring manager and ask questions. What makes someone successful in this role? Is there a skills gap they need to fill? What is the overall personality of the team or organization? 

5. Create an exciting proposition. With outbound recruiting strategies, there’s a good chance the people you talk to already have jobs. They may or may not be ready for a change, but either way, you have to give them something exciting to pique their interest. Will the available position give them better hours, more responsibility, or a title change? Find out how your offer compares to their current role so you can determine what benefit to lead the conversation with.

6. Get social. Social media is part relationship building and part building excitement for your job postings. Once you have your exciting proposition ready to go, get it out there to the world. You never know who might share the position or send it to a connection. 

7. Broaden your horizons. Yes, LinkedIn is an excellent place to post your listings. It’s also not the only place. Depending on the job and your audience, you have tons of options. Consider local job boards hosted by your city or state government, college and university listings, or industry-specific newsletters. 

8. Pick up the phone. Plenty of outbound recruiting strategies include sending out masses of emails and direct messages to prospects. Many of those get deleted before they’re even opened. By picking up the phone and making calls, you stand out as more serious, more invested, and more active than many other recruiters. You can level up here by using dialing software like Call Logic that helps you keep and organize call notes. 

Recruiting isn’t always the easiest task, but with the right approach and some updated strategies, you’ll find there are a lot more people ready to talk to you.

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