An automatic dialer pairs today’s technology with good old-fashioned sales to help you find more success than ever.

Long, long ago, in an office building far, far away, a motivated young salesperson sat at a desk. With a long, hand-written list, and a push-button phone, that salesperson dialed number after number, leaving voicemails, crossing a name off the list, and moving on. From one potential business prospect to the next, it was the same thing: Dial, leave a message, move on.

Today, that same salesperson uses an automatic dialer. With one click, the dialing software calls a number, a preview of the prospect pops up on a screen, and when no one answers, our salesperson can click to let the software leave a pre-recorded message, while they move on to the next prospect.

But how does an automatic dialer work, aside from making calls more quickly? More importantly, how can an automatic dialer help you in your business?

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automatic dialer

What an automatic dialer is (and is not)

At it’s most elemental, an automatic dialer is a software that makes outbound calls more efficient through faster dialing, and through the ability to leave messages on your behalf.

You might think an automatic dialer is reserved strictly for telemarketing companies that want to maximize call volume. Indeed, that’s one way to use it. But it’s so much more than that. You can use automatic dialing software to improve real estate outreach, to make more follow-up calls for insurance agents, and you can even use the software in customer service sectors. It works in any industry where you have a high number of calls to make.

Likewise, an automatic dialer is often assumed to be a predictive dialer. That’s not necessarily the case. Predictive dialing works on the idea that more calls will equate to more sales, regardless of how qualified those contacts are. It may also call multiple numbers at the same time, based on the average of answered calls. For instance, if you average one answered call for every six you make, a predictive dialer might dial six numbers at a time, assuming only one of those calls will go through to a person. That’s great for volume, clearly. Not so great when more than one of those numbers gets through to someone, and you aren’t there to talk to them because you’re on the line with someone else.

By contrast, an automatic dialer that offers power dialing or preview dialing puts more value on calls to qualified prospects, leads, referrals, and current or past clients. In other words, your calls aren’t random at all; they are a strategic part of your overall marketing plan.

How an automatic dialer can help you win more sales

So then an automatic dialer is faster and gives you useful information? Is that all? Software like Call Logic offers you two dialing options: Power dialing (progressive dialing) and Preview dialing (click-to-call). Preview dialing lets you set your own pace. When you’re ready to move on to your next call, “click” and the software moved into action for you.

Even though it slows down the pace of calls, preview dialing offers several advantages. You or your team can take thorough notes after each call. That’s especially helpful when you make a follow-up call; you don’t have to guess at what you and your prospect discussed on a previous call; it’s all right there in front of you.

Similarly, you can spend more time reviewing notes before you make your next call. And no, taking a little time to write and review notes before a call won’t help you make more calls. It will, however, help you make better calls. Efficiency is good, but accuracy is even better.

You can make more calls, hone your call strategy, leave messages with the click of a mouse, and document your calls for future reference. What about those calls that need immediate follow-up? Without an automatic dialer, you would need to go into your email, individually write every follow-up message, and send it to your prospect (all the time hoping you have their email address written correctly).

It’s much easier to sidestep that lengthy process and send your follow-up email right from your call software. Select the appropriate template, enter any specific information you need, and send it right through your automatic dialer. You can even send these emails while you’re on the phone with your prospect. No more missing a sale because you waited too long to share valuable information, or didn’t send an email soon enough. Clear your to-do list, improve your customer service, and increase the odds of closing a sale, all with automatic dialer features that bring your efficiency into the 21rst century.

Here’s the catch, though. All that power dialing and automatic dialing can be scary. Why? TCPA compliance is a vital component of any call campaign. Failure to follow the act can result in severe fines that can add up quickly. When you make call after call, it can be easy to slip and call a number on the Do-Not-Call list, which is a violation of the TCPA. In fact, even dialing a wrong number can potentially result in fines if that wrong number is on the DNC list.

There is a simple solution to that problem, however. Call Logic is the only TCPA-compliant dialer on the market. Our software scrubs the national and state DNC lists before each call you make, so you never have to worry about dialing a wrong number or accidentally calling someone on the list.

Combine that kind of technology with your stellar sales skills, and you have a winning approach to getting your product or service into the world.

The best way to improve your selling skills is to improve your outbound calling technology. Find out how Call Logic can boost your numbers and shrink your call times by scheduling a free demo.