Call Logic is pleased to announce its latest software release for the month of December. Users will now get even more transparency on their leads at the conclusion of a calling campaign. Be sure to read through the items below to discover how this new feature will impact your calling activity…starting TODAY!

Campaign Finished Progress Screen

Are you a visual person? Do you like seeing exactly what you have done, and what is still left to accomplish? This update will be for you!


1. More Transparency

Call Logic will display campaign progress data at the conclusion of your campaign. This information will include how many contacts you connected with versus how many contacts were not called.

2. Increased Productivity

Single Platform:

  • In the new campaign finished progress pop up you will also be presented with 3 shortcut options that will save you valuable time in moving to the next step in your calling activity.
  • Initiate a new calling campaign.
  • Import a new list of contacts
  • Create a new campaign for contacts already present in Call Logic.

Two Platform (Power Dialer/Click to Call)

With the ability to initiate a click to call session or restart your campaign via the Power Dialer directly after the conclusion of your calling session this will save you valuable minutes. Call Logic will do all the work of building that campaign for you, so all you have to do it click ‘Call In’.