Company Background:

Founded in 2019, The Mesa Agency is an Allstate Agency located in Lake Stevens, Washington. Working alongside the owner, Frank Mesa, and their LSPs, Samantha Young is the Office Manager who has been with the agency since the beginning. With over 10 years of customer service experience, she provides an abundance of knowledge daily from her previous roles 

The Challenges:

Inefficient Lead Follow Up

A critical component to the agency’s marketing strategy is calling their purchased leads. But like any prospecting strategy, it’s a numbers game. The more opportunities, the greater the chance of converting leads to policyholders.   

That’s why they have multiple lead sources (Lead Vantage and Everquote) that they rely on. They also utilize Everquote’s Lead Connection Service (LCS) to contact their Everquote leads after which their LSPs will begin calling.  

However, with many leads to contact, they had a problem. They needed an efficient strategy to follow up with their leads and ensure opportunities don’t slip through the cracks. And manually dialing leads just isn’t a solution according to Samantha. “If we were just dialing by hand, then it would be a lot more difficult to get the calls in every day,” she says.

The Solution:

Allstate Approved Call Logic

The Mesa Agency added TCPA compliant, and Allstate approved, Call Logic. Call Logic is a web-based dialer software designed to increase outbound call production by 2-3 times versus hand dialing. It’s also integrated within their Lead Manager account. This makes it easy for their LSPs to create campaigns from their task list and call contacts.  

The Benefits

Increased Outbound Call Production By More Than 2X

While Call Logic is mainly used by their LSPs, occasionally, Samantha will make some calls as well. She has experienced efficiency firsthand, which more than doubled her outbound call production. She says, “Before when I was just hand dialing, I had a goal of 80 calls a day. But when I use Call Logic- sometimes I will just jump on there, depending on what the workload is like for the day, I can easily make 200- 300 calls in a day.  However, at their agency, increasing calls is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selling. You must also focus on the talk time. 

More Dials = Higher Talk Time = Sales.

Now that making the dials is easy with Call Logic, they’ve turned their focus to setting and achieving a talk time goal. The results have been impressive. “We’ve noticed that when we are consistently hitting at least 3 hours of talk time a day, we are making our sales. It’s a numbers game,” Samantha explains. “If you do maybe 10 quotes, you’re probably going to get 3 binds, or 3 policies out of that. So, for us right now, focusing on the talk time is working.”  

But if it weren’t for quality reports, they would have no way of monitoring their talk time.  

“We believe that when you're getting your 3 hours of talk time, you're going to get your quotes.”

Samantha Young, Office Manager, The Mesa Agency 

Better Reporting

Samantha credits Call Logic’s reporting feature for being able to effectively track the activity of their LSPs. “The Call Logic reporting really helps us see when they are using their campaigns, how much time they spent talking to a customer, or if it just dialed,” she says.  

Management can view these reports from directly inside their Lead Manager account, and in an instant, they’ll know if they’re on track to achieve their goals.  

At the Mesa agency, converting leads to customers is simple logic. Increase your dials, achieve your talk time goal, and the sales will come. Call Logic is helping them do just that. 

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