Are manual calls stifling your phone sales? Here are six reasons you should switch to cloud-based dialing software.

The average telephone sales person probably makes between 50-100 calls a day. That’s an awful lot of numbers to dial manually. Besides the obvious inconvenience, the amount of time it takes drastically reduces the number of calls a rep can make versus something like cloud-based dialing software.

The good news is that cloud-based dialing software does exist, and it’s changing the face of telephone sales around the world. And we’re not just talking about auto-dialing here. This kind of telephone software offers some incredible benefits that will help any salesperson increase their efficiency, which will mostly likely increase their revenue as well.

So what is cloud-based dialing software? And what benefits can it offer your business?

The basics of cloud-based dialing software and how it can improve your phone sales

Telemarketing software today is much more advanced than it used to be. Years ago, auto-dialers were the only real help a telephone salesperson could get from technology. All that’s changed. Now, by using software that’s run through your computer, you have the ability to do much more than auto-dial a list of prospects. (Not to mention that the auto-dial features are much better than their analog predecessors.)

In addition to CRM software, cloud-based dialing is designed to streamline the telephone sales process, allowing salespeople to do more selling and less fumbling around with phone calls. It records metrics for reporting, handles voicemail responses without dropping the call, and often includes whisper coaching among so many other advanced features.

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6 reasons to add cloud-based dialing software to your toolbox

1. The auto-dialer

The primary feature of auto-dialing software is, well, auto-dialing. Most of the software out there has speed-dial automatically built in to ensure as little time as possible passes between two calls. Much like its predecessors, cloud-based dialing moves on to the next number as soon as you’ve hung up a current conversation unless you tell it not to. The value of this function speaks for itself, but in case you’re a numbers person, consider this: Cloud-based auto-dialing allows for roughly three times more calls per day.

2. Connect to your CRM

While some dialing software comes with a CRM option, there are tools available that will connect to the CRM you already have, so you don’t have to worry about transferring all that data and possibly losing valuable information about your clients. This link allows you to do things like take notes and create a call to action all in the same place, rather than having to use two programs for related functions.

3. Pre-record voicemail messages

Nothing generates more wasted time in phone sales than having to leave voicemails for prospects who don’t respond. Cloud-based dialing software eliminates all of that, further multiplying the amount of time you get back for more calls. Pre-record a generic message to leave for any prospect, and when their voicemail picks up, your software can leave a message, all while you’ve already moved on to your next call.

4. Whisper coaching

Training salespeople on phone calls is challenging because you don’t want the prospect to know there’s someone else coaching the sales rep. Whisper coaching is a feature where a manager or “coach” can have a conversation with the sales rep while on a call, and the prospect can’t hear it. This feature is ideal for new salespeople, but it can also be very useful if one of your reps runs out of ideas for closing a difficult prospect. Whisper coaching retains the authority of the sales rep while creating a real-life stage for on-the-job training from a seasoned veteran.

5. Reporting

Like so many programs today, cloud-based dialing software collects metrics on all of your calls. This information can later be used to help determine things like success rate, interactions with prospects, and other details that can be critical to closing a sale. Reports are usually customizable and can be run in seconds or minutes, providing you with nearly real-time statistics on each sales call you make.

6. 24-hour access

One of the best parts about cloud-based dialing software is that you can use it anytime. Because it lives on the internet, you can access it from any computer that meets the minimum software requirements, which makes working from home and other out-of-office activity a breeze. No more being tethered to your chair as a telephone salesperson—you have freedom now to be just about anywhere!

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