They know their jobs well, but gatekeepers can impede your ability to make a sale. Get them on your side with these outbound sales call script examples.

If you’re in sales, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with gatekeepers before. Frustrating as they seem at first, they can be pivotal in getting in touch with key decision makers. The trick is getting them on your side.

Or maybe it isn’t so much a trick after all. Maybe all you need are a few effective outbound sales call script examples.

Call scripts can feel artificial, but if you practice them, they can also train you to navigate conversations until you get the results you want. In this case, you want to get past the gatekeeper.

What follows are three outbound sales call script examples that can help you do just that. Tailor these to fit your needs, and you’ll be getting past gatekeepers and getting to results.

outbound sales call script examples

3 Outbound sales call script examples you don’t want to miss out on

1. Outbound sales call script examples: The urgent promotion

“Good afternoon, my name is John Smith from XYZ solutions. With whom am I speaking?” (Announces self and affiliation, takes control of the conversation.)

“This is Susan, Mary Roberts’ assistant.”

“Hi Susan, I need to speak to Ms. Roberts. Is there any chance she’s available?” (Uses names to make it personal. Asks permission.)

“What is this in regards to?”

“It’s about a special promotion I believe will interest her. Can Ms. Roberts spare a few minutes to chat with me?” (Doesn’t pitch the gatekeeper. Repeats need.)

“She’s on another call at the moment. Would you like her voicemail?”

“Do you expect her to be free any time soon? I can hold.” (Gently persists, compels gatekeeper to at least check availability.)

“I’m not sure, I can put you through to her voicemail.”

“It would be better to speak with her directly. I’m not sure how long this promotion will last, and I don’t want her to miss out. I don’t mind holding for five or ten minutes.” (Creates urgency, continues to compel gatekeeper.)

“Let me see if she’ll be off soon.”

Mr. Smith gets past the gatekeeper by creating a scenario in which there really isn’t much else the gatekeeper can do without outright blocking him. This doesn’t guarantee he’ll get to talk to Ms. Roberts, but he’s overcome the first obstacle.

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2. Outbound sales call script examples: The colleague connect

“Hi, may I speak to Mary Roberts, please?” (Addresses by name first to demonstrate acquaintance.)

“May I ask who’s calling?”

“My name is John Smith from XYZ Solutions. And with whom am I speaking?” (Announces self, takes control of conversation.)

“This is Susan, Ms. Roberts’ assistant.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Susan. I recently worked with Ms. Roberts’ colleague, Monica Bowman, and thought she might be interested in the same offer I presented to her. Would you mind putting me through?” (Establishes a connection and announces need. Addresses gatekeeper by name for a personal touch.)

“May I ask what this is in regards to?”

“I’m running a promotion I believe will help boost your company’s revenue by nearly triple. Does Ms. Roberts have ten minutes to hear more?”

“I’ll see if she’s available, please hold.”

The conversation is brief because Mr. Smith has already established a connection, making him more important than a random salesperson. Just make sure if you use this script that you actually have a connection—dishonesty may come back to bite you!

3. Outbound sales call script examples: The voicemail concession

“Good morning, Susan. My name is John Smith with XYZ Solutions. May I please speak to Mary Roberts?” (Personalized, direct, and succinct.)

“May I ask what this is about?”

“I’ve got a special offer that can help to boost sales for everyone on your team. Can Ms. Roberts spare a few minutes to hear the details?” (Announces agenda without pitching gatekeeper.)

“She’s unavailable at the moment. Would you like her voicemail?”

“It would be better for me to speak with her in person so I can answer any questions she may have. I can hold if she’s willing to chat for a few minutes.” (Establishes parameters, creates opportunity for gatekeeper to check with Ms. Roberts.)

“She’s not in the office right now, unfortunately.”

“Ah, too bad. Is there a direct number where I can reach her later?” (Attempts to bypass gatekeeper for a call-back.)

“No, all of Ms. Roberts’ calls come through this line.”

“Understood. Would you mind if I called back sometime this afternoon or tomorrow?” (Asks permission.)

“Sure, that would be fine.”

“Great, I’ll try again later. Susan, would you mind doing me just one favor? Would you kindly let Ms. Roberts know to expect my call?” (Ensures connection is made even if Ms. Roberts doesn’t get the voicemail.)

“Yes, Mr. Smith, I will give her the message.”

“Thank you so much, Susan. You’ve been a huge help.” (Expresses gratitude, compliments gatekeeper.)

Sometimes, a voicemail is the best you’re going to get. What’s important is that you’ve tried all other avenues, and if they’ve failed, make sure to find a way to get your name in front of Ms. Roberts. Don’t assume she’ll check her voicemail—we all know she probably won’t!

Extra tips

  • First impressions are key. Make sure you have a solid opener.
  • The most effective time to call a business is between 8-9 in the morning or between 4-6 in the evening.
  • Listen to what the gatekeepers are saying. Something in there might be helpful in getting through.
  • Make the gatekeeper your friend. When push comes to shove, you’ve got to get to them before you can get to your target.

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