Ramp up your business leads with our 7 prospecting ideas for insurance agents (risk takers make the lion’s share!)

Establishing yourself in the insurance business isn’t much different from other professions–it takes time, effort, and commitment. Whoa, wait a minute: that doesn’t sound fun or sexy at all, does it? No worries. Being the new guy on the block, you’re bringing things to the table that other agent’s don’t possess: hustle, social media fluency, and (hopefully!) a desire to try new things.

If you have less experience than the rest, it’s crucial to think outside the box. Prospecting ideas for insurance agents are rarely innovative (surprise, surprise). Most stick to the “tried and true” methods, which means banking everything on referral business. Or calling on leads without a strategy.

That’s where you step in and disrupt the whole system. Let’s do it.

prospecting ideas for insurance agents

7 Prospecting ideas for agents who are ready to move into the future

1. Use Instagram to make connections, not just post random selfies

Believe it or not, Instagram is a quick and easy way to boost your outreach. And, best of all, it’s free.

As an insurance agent, it wouldn’t be wise to pitch everyone. Instagram is a personal tool; insurance is your profession. Use this as an outlet to show how enthusiastic you are about the subject, but still maintain a personal, relaxed approach.

Research hashtags that are relative to your target audience and start “liking” pictures and starting conversations. A few examples would be: #newcar, #insuranceprobs, or #newhome.

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2. Network at events outside of your “zone” and meet new people

If you’ve ever been to a typical networking event, you already know that most people are there to take advantage of the free food and drinks. It’s usually a wash. And attendees try to sell you on their services, more so than listening to what you have to offer.

Do something different. Take prospecting ideas for insurance agents and turn them into new creations. Find an event where you’re the only insurance agent attending, and work it. Be prepared with a ten-second pitch, a memorable business card, and always remember to smile when you’re talking to potential clients.

3. Create instructional videos for Millennials that need insurance, but don’t think they can afford it

Video marketing is king these days. It’s the way people (especially Millenials) choose to learn, experience, and research. Post a video covering a particular topic of interest, and then promote that video on your website and social pages.

Gain exposure with the younger crowd. Even if your videos aren’t of great quality at first, just do it. You’ll learn as you go along. Treat it like you would cold calling on prospects—it’s all a numbers game.

4. Send out old-fashioned direct mailers, but with an eye-catching twist

There is a reason why e-mail hasn’t completely obliterated snail mail marketing: because it still works! The only difference is that you must work harder than ever to stick out. It’s one of those prospecting ideas for insurance agents that’s old but still kicking.

If you’re going to do it, then do it right. Hire a graphic designer and freelance copywriter to create a genuine piece of marketing material. They will help define a checklist for successful mailers:

  • Color coordinated and professional design
  • An offer that requires action or follow-up
  • A professional headshot
  • Your contact information and how to reach you

5. Invest time and money into search engine optimization

SEO is a tactic that many people know about, but have no idea how to implement. The bottom line is that local internet search should be your first space to conquer. Most independent agencies don’t invest heavily into SEO because it’s time away from building other areas.

Consider the checklist for a list of SEO strategies:

  • Professional website with easy-to-navigate pages that offer unique, valuable content to readers.
  • A list of local keyword searches in your area that are relevant to your business
  • Google Adwords campaigns for advertising on keywords

Put work into your website and seek out professional help from an SEO expert.

6. Learn how to craft Facebook Ads that work

There are plenty of free resources available online that’ll teach you how to use Facebook as a prospecting tool. Try out a few different ads and track your progress.

Think about doing the same for Twitter and LinkedIn. These social platforms have revamped their advertising package to target specific audiences and deliver business owners faster results.

7. Pick one day a week to review your prospecting channels

As a new insurance agent, you first need to establish a process. Rome was not built in a day. Lebron James didn’t start out as the king. Albert Einstein wasn’t born a genius (well, maybe, but you get the picture).

There are numerous prospecting ideas for insurance agents out there. They come and go every day. What matters is that you set goals, stay organized, and track your progress.

Create a simple worksheet that outlines the efficiency and end results of your prospecting tasks.

  • How much time did you dedicate to each task?
  • Which channel is showing the most promise? How many leads have you generated
  • How many leads, overall, have you closed in the past month? How can you better manage time and resources to close more?

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