In today’s world of continuously advancing technology, many companies both large and small are taking advantage of various apps and tools to enable employees to perform duties remotely from home or another location other than the office. Remote work is certainly not a new concept — employees in various fields and positions have been telecommuting for years.

However, today’s technology makes remote work easier than ever, and this is especially prevalent in businesses that utilize telemarketers or outbound call centers. No longer do all employees need to come to the office every day in order to perform their daily call functions. Instead, they can utilize power dialer software and other outbound calling apps to make calls from any phone, anywhere, at any time.


Advantages of Power Dialer Software for Remote Work

Both power dialer software and allowing employees to work remotely offer a multitude of benefits for managers and business owners. When utilized in conjunction with one another, there is a great increase in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Using power dialer software increases productivity significantly, because the technology helps to cut down on dropped calls and connection delays, and also provides telemarketers and outbound call center operations with a preview of the customer’s information.

The above, along with other additional features, saves a great deal of wasted time, helps keeps potential customers from getting frustrated with poor call quality or delays while information is being retrieved, and also offers the ability to leave a voicemail with one click. Altogether, this translates to saving a great deal of money.


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Remote call center agents benefit from improved schedule flexibility and typically improved morale since they don’t have to travel or adhere to a dress code, which subsequently leads to improvements in productivity as well.

Additionally, by providing power dialing software to remote call center agents, managers and business owners gain greater opportunities to hire better candidates, as they don’t need to choose from a pool of local hires. Longer call center hours, even 24/7 call centers, are possible since remote call center agents can work from anywhere in the country or world.

Overall, all this serves to cut down on operational costs as well, and a dedicated call center facility or office space isn’t even entirely necessary. With remote workers having the ability to make calls from any phone (cell, VOIP, landline), there are numerous possibilities for telemarketers to improve customer relations and follow up with leads, as well as auto-dialing current customers for policy reviews, making birthday calls and cross-selling.

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