How important is a sales pitch script to your sales numbers? Is it really better to have a script than make calls without one? Here’s the truth.

It’s not a secret that we believe a sales pitch script is essential. We also believe unscripted sales calls can win over clients and customers. So, how can it be both?

Even though it may seem like these are contrary opinions, they aren’t. At least, they aren’t always contrary. Especially with cold calls, you need a script to ensure your sales calls follow compliance regulations, and you also relay necessary information.

At the same time, while there may be similarities in sales conversations, no two are ever exactly the same. There’s no way to plan for every question a customer or prospect may ask. So when something unexpected comes up, you have little choice but to wade into unscripted waters. Then, with all that in mind, we’re still looking for the best possible results. Where does that leave us?

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sales pitch script

Find out why you do (and don’t!) want to use a sales pitch script on your next call campaign

To use a sales pitch script or not? That is the question, but the answer isn’t one or another. In fact, we’d like to suggest that you both do and do not use a sales pitch script. How does that work?

We look at scripts as a guide. These are your starting points, your map when you need to figure out where you are and where you’re going, and your guarantee that you don’t make any wrong turns and get lost.

For new sales agents, or even veteran agents selling a new product or service, a script is essential. Like driving to a new location, you have a map (or GPS) to keep you on track. Your GPS tells you where to turn, how far to go, and can give you traffic updates. It’s all there. All you have to do is follow it.

Once you get to know the route, however, you can drive with the GPS on, but also feel comfortable tuning it out and maybe even taking some detours if you want to stop for breakfast or a coffee.

A sales script is like this in that you can follow it to the letter, and you can also let it run in the background while you answer questions or explore a topic with your prospect. This is your in-between space, where you use a sales pitch script and also have the freedom to go unscripted.

What about unscripted pitches? While going off script can win sales and create happy customers, entirely unscripted pitches can quickly become a disaster.

To begin, the FCC and FTC have regulations in place around phone sales. Part of those regulations include things you’re required to say on each call, such as your name, the company on whose behalf you are calling, and so on. Without a script, it’s all too easy to miss some of these regulations.

Additionally, even if you have your pitch more or less memorized, it’s hard to engage in active listening when you’re thinking about what part of your pitch comes next.

When you have a script to fall back on, you don’t have to worry about regulations, since they are built into the script itself. Likewise, you can focus more on listening to your prospect, knowing that you have a guide right in front of you in case you get lost.

What about results?

Ultimately, you want to make a sale. Whether that starts with a cold call to set up an in-person appointment or you have a strictly phone relationship with a steady customer, you have a goal each time you pick up the phone.

There’s some debate as to whether it’s more productive to use a sales pitch script or not. It’s also nearly impossible to quantify which approach provides better overall results. A look at the specifics, though, and it’s easy to see that the benefits of using a script outweigh any cons.

Furthermore, the true sweet spot is when you use a script as your guide, but know your product and service well enough to fully address your prospect’s questions and concerns. If you can do that, you get the benefits of a script and a natural conversation.

So when it comes down to whether to use a sales pitch script or not, you really do have some room to create the answer that works best for you.

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