Do more with less stress. Find out how an outbound preview dialer can change your mortgage broker practice.

If you like a little excitement with your sales business, there’s probably no better line of work than being a mortgage broker. Just in the last 15 or so years, we’ve seen a housing market crash, a significant economic recession, interest rates at near zero, interest rates climbing several points over a couple of years, and houses moving so fast that they go for tens of thousands above asking before they even officially hit the market. That means that as a mortgage broker, you need to move fast, and an outbound preview dialer can help. 

Now, you might be thinking that, of course, a dialer will help you move more quickly. It dials a number for you faster than you can press one digit, much less ten digits. There’s no big secret there. But there’s so much more to an outbound preview dialer that can help your mortgage broker business thrive. 

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outbound preview dialer

5 benefits of an outbound preview dialer for mortgage brokers

First, what is an outbound preview dialer? Quite simply, it’s power dialing software that allows you to click to call, so you have a minute to “preview” your records. In the case of Call Logic, the dialer also gives you a pop-up screen of your call history with the person, along with any notes you’ve taken. 

Rather than jumping into a call and having to sort through files so you can ensure you’re having the right conversation with the right person, a preview dialer places the information in front of you and lets you call when you’re ready. Here are some of the ways that can benefit your business.

1. It keeps you organized. Organization is crucial for success as a mortgage broker. You’re talking to dozens of people, all with different financial situations and mortgage needs. An outbound preview dialer keeps all your information together, so it’s easy to pick up a conversation where you left off. 

2. It maintains privacy. Again, when you’re talking to numerous people, you don’t want to mix up their financial information accidentally. As a mortgage broker, you have access to private data, such as employment records, tax records, credit scores, and more. An outbound preview dialer can help you avoid mixing up and sharing this sensitive information.

3. Improved customer service. In a field as competitive as mortgage brokering, excellent customer service can help you stand out. An outbound preview dialer can help by giving you the time and space (literally and figuratively) to ensure you can focus on your calls one at a time. Each person you talk to will feel like they matter to you, which wins loyal customers. 

4. Give you more time. Okay, an outbound preview dialer can’t actually extend the amount of time you have to get things done. It can, however, make your work more efficient. In turn, you gain more time to generate new business, work on administrative projects, or take Fridays off!

5. More connected calls. Software like Call Logic is made to eliminate the “telemarketer pause.” You might not know the term, but you know what it is. Your phone rings, you pick it up, and it seems like no one is there. This happens often comes with predictive dialers, and the pause is the time it takes the software to connect you with a live agent. That’s also the time that many of your potential customers will hang up. That pause is a telltale sign that a telemarketing company is on the other end of the line. But with a preview dialer from Call Logic, there is no pause because the software only dials one number at a time. You’re connected immediately. 

That’s just the beginning. A high-quality preview dialer can also record calls, run reports, track usage, and offer numerous other features and benefits that can make your job easier and more productive. Plus, in higher volume offices, software like Call Logic has compliance features built-in, so you never have to worry about calling numbers on the Do Not Call list.

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