When your organization relies on fundraising calls, you want the best power dialer you can find. Here’s how to choose the right one.

Fundraising is a vital source of income for so many organizations, from local nonprofits to universities with alumni around the world. With so much depending on fundraising calls, you want to ensure success by using the best power dialer you can get. 

While that’s simple enough in theory, the reality is that there are dozens and possibly hundreds of power dialers to choose from. Many of these offer excellent features that can help your organization. However, your needs are individual, and while Brand A might be the best power dialer for one organization, you might find Brand C has the features that are right for you. 

That said, there are some features and benefits worth looking for in your dialing system that can help you when it comes to fundraising calls

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Looking for the best power dialer? Make sure it has these features!

Obviously, we believe Call Logic is the best power dialer out there, and we hope you agree. But if we ended here, that wouldn’t give you much to consider. And you do have options, so even if you decide a different company is right for you, there are still some features to look for in any dialing software. Here are some of the ones we feel are indispensable. 

1. Click-to-Call. One of the benefits of a power dialer is that the software will automatically dial the next number on the list as soon as you hang up your current call. It’s a great way to work more efficiently and quickly, and it can help you avoid the dreaded procrastination. However, sometimes you need a little break between calls. You need to write some notes, send an email, or preview the next call. With click-to-call, you can do that. This power dialer feature allows you to move at your pace, so you have time to catch up on those between-call tasks. Then when you’re ready to go full speed ahead, switch back to power dialing.

2. Call Preview. Call preview can be especially important in fundraising. Unlike sales, for example, you probably aren’t talking to the same person regularly. You may only call them once or twice a year. So, how do you remember those conversations? With call preview, you can enjoy a pop-out screen with notes and information about previous calls, so you know at least some donor history before they pick up the phone. These notes are especially helpful when you’re trying to build long-term relationships with supporters. 

3. Voicemail drop. When you make numerous fundraising calls in a day, you will end up reaching voicemail systems a lot. People are busy or otherwise unable to answer the phone all the time. As you leave voicemail after voicemail, it’s easy to get tired, forget to say something important, or even sound bored. With voicemail drop, you can pre-record your message, ensuring it’s full of energy, has all the right information, and sounds as good at the end of the day as it does at the beginning. Plus, with Call Logic, you don’t even have to listen to the outgoing message. As soon as voicemail picks up, you can click and let the software leave the message for you while you move on to another call. 

If you have these three features, you’ll be in good shape, and your fundraising team will find it’s much easier to make calls and bring in donations. However, there’s one more thing you should look for if you want to find the best power dialer for your fundraising efforts: excellent customer service.

Customer service isn’t a feature you’ll find in your dialing software, but the company that provides your software should be well-versed in making customers happy. The fact is, technology is unpredictable. We’re all running different operating systems and various updates of those systems. You never know when you’ll need help troubleshooting or have questions about how something works.

When that does happen (and it will), you want to talk to people who are there to look out for you. Excellent customer service is priceless. And while it may not be built into your dialing software, it should be built into the company that provides that software.

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