Think you’re working with one of the best power dialers? Make sure it’s got these four features!

With so many to choose from in today’s market, it’s hard to identify the best power dialers out there. On the surface, many of them seem similar, but in practice, they can vary greatly. Diversity is a good thing because it meets the business needs of so many people, but it can also be confusing when you’re trying to figure out which features you actually need.

The reality is that many features on power dialers are a matter of personal preference. There are, however, some features that all of the best power dialers share. If you come across a power dialer without these features, you may want to think twice before buying.

best power dialers

What is a power dialer?

Power dialers are different from predictive dialers in that an agent is already active on the phone when the dialer begins going through contact numbers. Whereas a predictive dialer dials multiple numbers simultaneously and connects live responders with agents, a power dialer only dials the next number when initiated by the agent.

The benefit of a power dialer is that it eliminates the abandonment rate because there’s already a live person on the phone ready to receive a call. In practical use, a power dialer also goes through numbers much more quickly than manual dialing would, making it possible for an agent to call over seventy leads in just an hour.

Predictive dialers are useful for businesses with multiple agents available to answer calls, whereas power dialers are better for single-agent businesses. Some of the technology available today supports both predictive and power dialing, which can be attractive because it gives you a choice depending on your needs for the day.

best power dialers

Increase sales, save time: why you need a power dialer

The best power dialers out there help businesses increase their sales in some ways. The first is just a pure numbers game. If you can make seventy calls in an hour, you can plow through a significant number of prospects in a single day, and some of those leads are bound to turn into something more. If you can only call twenty people in an hour, your ability to make more sales decreases dramatically.

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Another way it helps increase sales is by eliminating the threat of abandoned calls. Since there’s no lag time or delay with a power dialer, a prospect doesn’t have time to speculate that they might be receiving a telemarketing call, which sometimes results in them hanging up before an agent gets on the line. Power dialers connect a live person with a live person in real-time, which means more talk-tos, and hopefully, more deals made.

Power dialers also help you save time by skipping over numbers where there’s no answer or leaving an automated message that you choose when a voicemail picks up. This way, an agent can focus exclusively on connecting with real people rather than on leaving the same voice message over and over again until he or she finally reaches a live person.

best power dialers

Must-have features of the best power dialers

So what does a power dialer absolutely have to have? There are plenty of features available, but these are four we find indispensable. Check for these capabilities before signing on the dotted line.

1. Customized caller ID 

One of the greatest challenges faced by telemarketers is that caller IDs now notify or at least make people suspicious that they’re about to receive a sales call. Customizing the caller ID allows you to associate your call with another legitimate number in the U.S. Using, say, your personal mobile number instead of your business number could be the difference between talking to someone and moving on to the next call.

2. One-click voicemails 

Another common feature on the best power dialers is the one-click voicemail function. Instead of leaving the same message over and over again, wasting time, you can have a prerecorded message to leave automatically by clicking one single button on the power dialer platform. This saves you more time than the autodialing feature all power dialers have.

3. Contact info preview 

None of the best power dialers would be complete without the contact info preview function. As the power dialer moves on to the next call, information about the impending contact appears on the screen, giving the agent an opportunity to personalize the call and to have a better understanding of his or her audience.

4. Compliance

While it’s not really a feature, it’s important that your power dialer be TCPA compliant. In fact, this should also go down as a must-have.

Some other features the best power dialers boast are things like CRM integration, call campaigns, customized e-mails, whisper coaching, and reporting, among other things. Remember: Not all power dialers are created equal. If a device is missing the four essentials and doesn’t have at least a couple of the other features, you may want to consider shopping around.

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