Use an auto phone dialer and every task that isn’t “live conversation” can be streamlined for faster performance

Picture a typical hour in telesales. You have your call sheet and phone script. You dial out twenty numbers within the first hour with varying results. Three callbacks, nine voice mails, two scheduled appointments, and several follow-up emails.

Now imagine if all of the tasks in-between each call were completely automated. What would the first hour of your day look like if you dialed 60 numbers instead of 20? That’s a lot more “touches” in the same amount of time. What if your entire team had that capability?

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Choosing an auto phone dialer means you’ve given your outbound strategy a razor sharp edge.

  • Pre-recorded voicemails (leave an automated message and move on to the next call without wasting any time).
  • Automatic speed dialing (dial numbers at incredible speed without touching a button).
  • Follow-up emails sent directly after the conversation (set up emails to send directly to your prospect that matches the buyer’s cycle).
  • Reminders for follow-up calls and scheduling (schedule everything within the auto phone dialer system, plus reminders to follow-up).

auto phone dialer

Sync your calling process to an auto phone dialer to automate tasks under one roof

It’s amazing how many telemarking companies (or any businesses that focus on outbound calling) still use spreadsheets for call lists. Everything is separated: calendars, phone scripts, contacts, clients, leads, call notes, email, (the list goes on).

Why not combine all of these tasks under one roof? If time is money in telemarketing, then shouldn’t we do everything we can to streamline the process?

An auto phone dialer keeps everything contained and working together. Upload your contact sheets directly into the system, so you dial automatically without even thinking. Then pull up your call script template, view information on the prospect, and schedule a follow-up in your calendar.

  • No more guessing which person to call next.
  • No more wasting time by leaving voicemails for each prospect.
  • No more working with several different processes for one job.

auto phone dialer

Use your auto phone dialer as a management tool and monitoring system

Life as a sales manager becomes a lot easier with automated systems. Just as your salespeople use an auto dialer to combine sales tasks, you can streamline your management tools. For instance, it’s likely that you use two or maybe even three CRM’s for:

  • Task management
  • Campaign management/reports
  • Sales performance monitoring

But choosing an auto phone dialer like Call Logic makes life simpler. Every possible tool you need to manage an outbound sales operation is included, from task management to monitoring:

  • All of your team’s contacts (leads, referrals, clients, prospects) all in one place.
  • Real-time monitoring access to ensure your callers stay on task.
  • Call reports to determine the success of the campaign or to analyze what adjustments need to be made.
  • Create call campaigns directly from the administrator dashboard and monitor real-time results.

If you’re serious about phone sales and want to triple the number of sales calls you make in an hour, give Call Logic a try. Sign up for our free trial now!