Want to skip over mistakes and start selling insurance like a pro? These tips will put you on the right path!

You’ve tossed around the idea of insurance sales long enough. You know you’re good with people. You know how to present yourself. And the “entrepreneur” aspect of building clientele and referral networks excites you. And let’s be real: there’s a lot of money-making potential for selling insurance today.

So what’s your first step to the next level? Thankfully, selling insurance isn’t a heart-aching struggle. You won’t receive the same pushback as a struggling actor in Hollywood.

That said, there are smart ways to start your career.

selling insurance

3 Tips to get started with selling insurance

1. Offer to buy a coffee for an established agent

Do you want to get first-hand feedback from a real insurance professional? Then go out there and ask!

Connect with a few insurance agents on LinkedIn or Facebook. Send a short, private message that details your interest in their work. Ask if they’d be willing to have lunch with you and answer a few questions.

(If you’re really eager, you can practice your cold calling skills and call up an agent directly)

Insurance agents are busy people, so don’t expect everyone to jump at your offer. But it’s likely that a few will at least show interest. Plus, doing this exercise will help you learn how to pitch prospects!

As a starting point, you can use this template:

“Hi <first name>,

I see on your profile that you’ve been an insurance professional for X years. <Business name> is a reputable company!

I’m also interested in becoming an insurance agent. I was wondering if I could get your opinion on starting out? I’m trying to figure out how to <specific task you want to accomplish> and your feedback would be very appreciated.

I know you’re a busy person, but if you could squeeze in 30mins for a quick chat, I’d love to buy you a coffee sometime.

Hope to hear from you!

<Your first and last name>”

2. Follow the leader: connect with big names and absorb their knowledge

Move from local experts into the big leagues. Find the people or organizations that specialize in selling insurance. Read their materials. Absorb their knowledge.

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There are plenty of resources available for the would-be insurance agent. And we’re not talking about books on “succeeding in sales.” Be more specific with your research.

Look for authors that specialize in exactly what you want to do. Or as closely related as possible.

A few books you might want to pick up:

3. Listen to insurance podcasts and learn what’s happening out there

Podcasts are a fantastic way to absorb news and get acquainted with industry lingo. Some podcasts focus on selling insurance; others are news-type broadcasts. Try a few and see if any of the stories or interviews offer advice for getting started.

  • Agency Nation Radio is top resource for learning how to scale your business and attract high-quality clients.
  • Connected Insurance Podcast hosts many industry leaders—you’ll hear from keynote speakers, authors and C-level executives on various insurance topics.
  • Denim Rivet focuses their content on innovation and marketing. Listen in to hear about cutting edge insurance news, and proven ways to market your business in the digital age.

If you’re serious becoming an insurance agent and want to triple the number of sales calls you make in an hour, give Call Logic a try. Sign up for our free trial now!